Reel 2 Reel - bottomless pit of faff, expense and hisssssssss


Real talk, I’ve not had to fiddle with any physical ‘medium’ since I got the sacred Hz up me. It’s not like veils have been lifted more like a oneness with the strings, the keys the Adams apple. Think Vulcan mind meld but sexier.


R2R porn contained within


You now need a rack full of sa pioneer stuff to go with it


So many envies being envied here.

Piggy bank says “no” :slightly_frowning_face:


Also a mini review of the Tedeska cartridge range that I was championing after hearing one at Munich last year.


I have the crave:


Yeah, me too


How much?


The one I heard is 5k Euros


Just received a job lot of 9 good quality 7" dia 1800’ tape reels. Whoever owned them obviously had a good tuner & tape machine as they contain some fantastic recordings of R3 live concerts from the 1980’s. I’ll have to be careful in picking the ones I can actually justify recording over.

Looking forward to getting this one soon.

Tatty box but tape looks fine & judging by Youtube it seems like a great album (not one I have on vinyl)


I couldn’t justify £56 on Forever Changes the other day. Did anyone here get it?


I’m sure wayne will be along soon to claim the spend


Fuck, missed that? Assume it was US? My problem is I need a less wallet raping method of import that doesn’t involve overpriced postage and then assorted random charges to top it up to an utterly over the top cost that you really can’t justify.


And you feckin’ numb nuts slaughter me for my coloured vinyl fetish !!

What the fuckity fuck ??


Yes US. I buy them but then have to wait for someone in my sister’s clan to carry them over here as hand luggage for me. BTW, I sent your 4 tapes back this week. Let me know when they arrive.


Cheers Guy, they came today :+1:

(Slight tinge of disappointment when they weren’t new tapes being delivered)


This one arrived today. Sounds stunning. I do have it as a 1st press LP. Haven’t compared yet but I doubt it’s as good as this.


Decca seem to have branded all their tape releases as London FFRR presumably as most went to the US. Not sure how this one ended up here.


Decca is the UK brand - London is the US brand. It’s curious but in the world of record collecting the value placed is quite astonishing.

US issue End Price: USD 205


UK issue End Price: GBP 1137

Both are 1st pressings in their respective countries. One of the differences may be the purity of Vinyl used - USA vinyl was not allowed to be pure.


I think I have both the version below and the tape of it. It’s interesting that it was thought to be Symphony No.5 at the time of the Decca LP release whereas it later came to be known as No.9.


I think they found some after he died didn’t they?