Reel 2 Reel - bottomless pit of faff, expense and hisssssssss


I presume that was 3.75 ips Guy? I’d have been genuinely gutted to miss that if it was 7.5 ips.


His publisher made him restart the numbering from what is now no 5 to try and make more money (new exciting composer etc. etc.)


Yes, 3.75. I haven’t seen it on 7.5.ips. I don’t know if it was ever commercially released at 7.5.


Think of the joy his publisher could have now.

“We need to release new re-mastered editions on 200g vinyl 45 rpm, standard LP, two track 15 ips tape, CD (for the old folks) MP3, MQA and of course there’ll be Spotify, Tidal Qobuz etc .Anton, we’ll be rich, rich I tell you”


It was a commercial flop in '67 - overshadowed by SO much else - and didn’t really re-emerge until the early noughties, so 7.5ips is perhaps unlikely.


I’m not sure what governed whether a recording was released on 3 3/4 or 7 1/2 ips. Obviously the higher speed requires 2x the tape but there are many albums by popular bands released at 3 3/4 & more obscure stuff (including much classical) released at the higher speed.

Maybe it was assumed that that most consumers of pop/rock would have less ambitious machines only equipped for 1 7/8 & 3 3/4 ips?


I’m curious as to why the odd speeds? Why not 4ips instead of 3 3/4ips and 2 instead of 1 3/4?

Anyone know?

Equally with vinyl, why not just 33rpm? The others make sense, 45 and 78.


331/3 comes from talking movie reels with audio 1929-30. They used a 3600 rpm motor with a gear ratio that reduced the speed to 331/3 rpm to give 11mins of audio for each reel of film. Don’t know about tapes speeds though


Wiki says, and it sounds plausible, that the initial speeds were for pro audio. I guess they demanded the highest possible standards from what would have been early equipment and so the tape had to move fast. The early speeds were 30ips and 15ips. All the other speeds then appeared as ‘divide-by-twos’ from those.



Ah, ok. That makes sense





You lot should try out MiniDisc.


how about mini tape -



Dictaphones. YES!


8 track 8 track is obviously twice as good as 4 track R2R.


All this stuff is way too mainstream.

Behold the majesty of




I dare you…



sad to say my reel to reel has been sat in a cupboard unused for years !! , must get it out one day !


Then it will still sit unused, but also gathering dust…