Reel 2 Reel - bottomless pit of faff, expense and hisssssssss


If you must do it, do it properly



Developed especially for prog I believe.


A certain @Beobloke had one of these at Scalford one year, sounded surprisingly good!


Still got it in the loft somewhere! It may have been more ‘passing novelty’ than ‘astounding upgrade’, I will confess…



Balls. Problem with the 707 that I didn’t get time to investigate much further than head scratching and swearing. Tape moves fore and aft on the pinch roller by the take up spool and consequently moves the same on the playback head too and doesn’t play correctly. Reloaded the reel in case it was something obvious but nope.

Anyone know a good reel specialist who could look at it (and the Sony needs a full nuts makeover too).

@murrayjohnson looks like we’re going to have to rely on your Tascam at Lopwell unless I can find somewhere close to look at my 707.



This chap would do it.


Cheers Guy. I’ve got a week off next week so will see if I can drive down and drop both decks off.


My Revox A77 needs sorting out. Would it be possible to take that for me too if I can get it to you?


Yep, of course mate.


The bottomless pit seems to be getting ever deeper - even if that is a contradiction in terms.:rofl:


A heartwarming round of expense, nicely played sirs!


Don’t forget the faff of a 5 hour round trip to drop them off, and another to collect :+1:




Have you spoken to Stephen at Vintagetech?


No, I was speaking with another guy, it’s shipping the thing thats a pain!


Sweet thanks, just need to get to get it to you now somehow.


Shouldn’t be a problem. I’m thinking of heading down Friday morning or if I don’t fancy it then Monday.

You could intercept me en route?


Sound as a pound yes please.


Looks like I’ll be dropping the decks down tomorrow and they’ve promised that they can get both done in time for Lopwell :slightly_smiling_face: