Reel 2 Reel - bottomless pit of faff, expense and hisssssssss


If opened in YouTube all tracks will appear on the right


Some pics


Worth watching again (it’s 50 years old now and there is a good re-master out). The ending is very odd.



I’ve always thought the ending is just right


I think I agree, but it doesn’t look like a happy ending …



The angry faced adults are always worth watching


Pricey but top end deck.


Yes. If you think you’re hard then wait 'til you meet Mrs Robinson.



It’s only a matter of time before someone properly foos up their deck with off-board power supplies, op-amps and wanky wires.

Come on you slackers.


Played my nephew, who is getting into hifi at 16, Shaft at 7.5 ips. He’s heard the album quite a few times here, and the tape put a massive grin on his face!

His next question - can I borrow your Sony?
Me - no.


Would love to hear that myself Wayne !


Are you coming to Lopwell North?


As is ususal when there is anything on - I will be working that weekend.


Shangri la


Perth, Straya.


Having a think about giving that Akai on pinkfish a try.
I know it only does the 7 inch reels but it might be a bit of fun to play with for reasonable money.

  1. What is your guys opinion of it for a starter r2r?
  2. It’s in Hampshire so 400 miles from me. Can anyone help with a meat wagon to get it within striking distance of Chesterfield?


If it’s anywhere near me I’d be happy to take a look at it and/or collect. No plans to go that far north until October but could potentially hold it for you until a plan emerges.



Kim appears open to offers on the Akai.

It looks to me a reasonable way of dipping your toe into the joys of hiss. The trick is to get one for very little money that works and doesn’t need tonnes of money throwing at it to get it working and sounding as it should.

Logistics look to be the most difficult thing - I can help between the South Midlands area and up to Derby/ Chesterfield.


He lives in Ringwood, Hampshire.
Is that doable.
I’m in no rush so that’s not a problem.

Oooo hold up. might be a slight change of plan something else in the r2r camp has just caught my eye. More to follow later. :scream: