Reel 2 Reel - bottomless pit of faff, expense and hisssssssss


Hahaha, sucker!

P.s I’m only jealous :slight_smile:


Ringwood’s about 45 minutes from here but I do pass there every couple of weeks.


Stop it now


Is it the Tascam? Just do some research on what format it is, if it’s 1/2 track you won’t be able to listen to most pre-recorded tapes. You need something with a 1/4 track stereo head (also called four track stereo).


That Tascam is very pretty but I figured it wasn’t your everyday r2r.
Nope it’s not the Tascam and it’s a lot closer to home. :wink:


It would be a fantastic deck for recording hi-res downloads at 15ips on loooooong tapes, lots of bandwidth available there, but a very expensive way of going about it.

A Tascam 34 would work, because you could flip the tapes, doubling the play time. And also the head is the same configuration as domestic 4 track stereo so you could play 7.5 ips pre-recorded tapes.

What are you looking at?


Hot question :grin:


He’s being all mysterious because of reasons.


Stop teasing!

Either tell us now so we can egg you on to buy it, or afterwards so we can point out every reason why you should have bought something else :slightly_smiling_face:




He’s not talking about the Akai.


OK just so as you are not getting carried away.
I’ve been made aware of a NOS Akai in Manchester that I may be able to pick up and get at a reasonable cost.
This might be a better option for me as I can collect easily.


I’ve got an empty upright freezer in my shed if you want it cryo’d before you take delivery.


New arrivals. All 7.5 ips.

The flamenco guitar one is cool & the latin jazz one is mad & could be the scene setting music as Bond arrives at his next tropical trouble spot.



NOS R2R did not fall my way. It got far too expensive.
It gave me time to reflect and I’ve gone for an improvement to my CD player rather than get out of my depth in R2R tomfoolery. :grinning:
Looking forward to being impressed by R2R at the Northern get together in September. :+1:




New haul arrives.


Very nice :+1:

Full run down of tape speeds please :nerd_face:


A plausible definition of a gentleman is he who can play the piano accordion but chooses not to. On the other hand only a complete cunt would play the Tape-Cordionica:

To call it appalling does not do justice to this monstrosity.