Reel 2 Reel - bottomless pit of faff, expense and hisssssssss


Peace man :wink:


I just hope that when the inevitable invitation to Cannes arrives Stu doesn’t decide to do a meal for a few fellow film makers. Can you imagine the consequences, there could be such a rush for rice that the world may never recover.



Fuck off I want that tape :tired_face:


Fuck, that mood lighting-genius :ok_hand:


Jeez Stu haven’t you heard of CinemaScope?


Pressed the slow motion button by mistake



It looks Al Black to me :thinking:


I love your minimalist lighting scheme coupled with the low contrast camera work.

It meshes seamlessly with the dark minimalist soundtrack to create an overall sensation of inky blackness that transcends the overarching feeling that you have just fucked up a bit.


Last one


In a dark room. :sunglasses:


Can you play “Bang Bang Chew by the furious flames” Or Sparks and the plastic burns version of ‘Help’? I really want to see what your machine can do.


I don’t think it’s made by November Victor Alpha. It’s a bit complicated for him, having moving parts and such like.


Heads up for the R2R mafioso - if you haven’t cleaned your tape heads and path recently its definitely something worth getting round to soon.

I play a lot of tapes and this is probably the first time since I’ve had the Sony serviced (just before Lopwell) that I’ve taken cotton buds and isopropyl alcohol to it. Should have taken pictures, as I was surprised just how dirty the playback head and particularly the pinch rollers had got.

Pretty obvious really with all the old tapes that have passed over them, many I imagine not played for decades, but it still came as a shock.


So have you really only had to lay out a tenner for the lovely pleasure of threatening to shred Guy’s precious tapes?


Use something other than Isopropyl on the pinch roller. Even water with a bit of fairy liquid would be better.

Or get some of this, squirt a bit into the lid & apply with cotton bud.

It’s for the rubber rollers on photocopiers but works well on tape recorders.

And do it once a week if you’re using the machines a lot.


I think this is based on the idea that IPA will degrade rubber pinch rollers? Opinion seems divided, except if your rollers are already worn/ pitted.

The Sony has pinch rollers with a coating on them of some kind. Wouldn’t hurt to use the spray you’ve suggested though so thanks. And yeah, once a week from now on.


@murrayjohnson, be interested to see how much this goes for after missing the UK one?


Veils lifted?


Blacks have never been so black :wink: