Reel 2 Reel - bottomless pit of faff, expense and hisssssssss


Was watching, but probably too much for me. I need a holiday in New York, LA or San Francisco scouring record shops & yard sales!


Yep that’s my plan for next year, tape and record buying trip.


Yes,I really can’t afford to get involved in it all

Was surprised it worked as it was pretty filthy when I picked it up,sounded pretty good


I used to have some cassette-shaped gizmo with gears in it that was supposed to do the job hassle-free.

It was shit. Cotton buds were much better.

I’m just off to spray WD-40 all over my hard disc now :+1:


WTF, another thread gone golf :frowning:


Yeah, gonna need a 4 track machine now :smiley:




Well plan was always to get one, but seemed easier to get a big 2 track machine and a smaller 4 track machine than to get one that did both like the Technics 1500, well not easier, slightly cheaper with more faff factor.



I tried that on my Teac but it ate it.


solid state, no moving parts


FFS, Simon, I’m surprised at you. A hard disc drive is absolutely not a solid state device, it’s a multi layered spinning magnetic disc thingy with reader arms that are directly analogous to tape heads attached to tonearms, like a bastard offspring of tape and vinyl.


That’s why they sound so good…


I know- I was suggesting the ultimate faff free step up from an hdd would be an ssd.





Inspired by @murrayjohnson this was hastily procured and arrived this morning.

Much hiss but boy does it have some oomph :smile:


I was tempted but I am not yet at the stage where I want to be duplicating pieces of music.:grinning:

Those RCA recordings are generally pretty awesome whatever the format.


You’ll have to borrow it to compare to your recording, currently have it at high volume and all the animals in the house have fled :laughing:


Going through a bag of decent used tapes just to check if there’s anything I shouldn’t record over & have found that on a few of them, someone had been recording live concerts from R3, evidently via a very good tuner & perhaps from the 70’s or 80’s when R3’s output was maybe less dumbed down than it might be now.

There’s a particularly good performance of Verdi’s Force of Destiny and whoever recorded it has not been afraid to make full use of the Ampex 641 tape. Some of the voices are fantastic. Definitely not one I’ll be recording over.