Reel 2 Reel - bottomless pit of faff, expense and hisssssssss


2 track, 15 ips - want.



Buy it.


That would probably mean me going out and buying a Technics 1500 to be able to play and record 2T, and letting either my Sony, or more likely the Pioneer 707 go.


I’ve made an offer on this for now on Discogs


Those are reasons for not against.


I haven’t been looking there. Are people asking mad money for items like that?


There’s usually very little available. Consequently you don’t see much of the Ebay $400 asking prices.


I have dibs on the Sony. I thought we’d sorted that? :thinking:

If you get the Techie and keep the Sony you’ll have two decks capable of playing 10.5" reels, and that would be silly.


Yep, you have the dibs :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Might be two out and one in.


Edd’s sounded good at Tims bake today.


What did he play?


Lou Reed - Transformer :slight_smile:


An original pre-recorded tape of Transformer?



No I think it was Russian or something!? It sounded fantastic, great dynamic range.


Mystery bootleg.


Yes it was oh such a perfect day.


I took a tape of some Sacds at 15ips, mystery Ukrainian Transformer at 7.5ips and mystery Russian Bridge over troubled water at 15ips. All pointless but at least confirmed the machine works. They all sound annoyingly good though.


What do you reckon is the source for the Russian tapes? Hi res stuff?


I dunno is the simple answer, they both extend over 20khz (barely on 7.5ips, and bridge over troubled water isn’t the best example, goes to about 16khz even on the cds I have) they aren’t vinyl as far as I can tell, nothing on the spectrum to indicate and no pops/crackle/groove noise. Dynamic range on both is massive 15-20db.

Both weren’t much more than the blank tape so I took the risk. At £30-70 I’ll probably buy a few more because meh why not, the 100-1800 quid mystery tapes, not so much.


My best guess might be dupes of radio station tapes rather than safety masters/master tapes as such. Or maybe just 4 track tapes, who knows.