Reel 2 Reel - bottomless pit of faff, expense and hisssssssss


Be a whole load easier just to tape a decent hi res version surely?


Easier? For me it’s about messing with the r2r, embrace faff.

Also decent hd releases are few and far between, most are compressed crap.


Sorry no I meant the Russians or wherever you get them. Easier for them…


Maybe dupes of Melodia, or whatever the USSRs state record label was, masters? That would not be beyond the realms of possibility?


Well that’s kind of what I assumed they would be, but the dynamic range doesn’t match up at all.


Well I meant the masters distributed to labels/pressing plants rather than the gen 1 master.

Really though, they could literally be off a cd/cassette, don’t really care, they do sound bloody good and it gave me something to mess with on the new toy.


Bridge over Troubled Water was just superb really enjoyed listening to it.
Just fabulous.


I want the dibs on the 707 :grin:


And remember, that toy cost the thick end of a grand back in 1980, and was a very mature technology, so if it’s still performing anywhere close to spec, it bloody well should sound good if the software is reasonably decent.


It’s been serviced, although that was probably just some belts, speed is right (bag pipe tape had some tones).

Really for the £400 it’s a ton of fun, and much better than I expected.


Fool, £400 is 20+ LP’s


I have enough to buy all the LPs I want tooooooooo? (One only needs so many copies of Aja though) Living the dream.


to, or ,too with no ? :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyway, that told me :grin:

In which case, enjoy the madhouse.


Well really, I just like Hi-Fi, it’s never just been about the music for me, I like toys, I regularly box swap, build stuff, sell it, build more stuff, it keeps me out of mischief.




All this is impressive and all but until one of you showboating bastards gets an Apollo portable cassette player to use out and about, I’m going to regard you as lightweights.


Nagra IV-S


Champions League faff.

I reckon you could launch ICBMs off that with the correct code.


CL prices too!


Be a bit risky though, you’d probably get wiped out first trying to find the right button :wink: