Reel 2 Reel - bottomless pit of faff, expense and hisssssssss


I’m not sure any other manufacturer can rival Nagra for button bollocks.


Are you buggers pushing up my queen album?

It’s stereo 4t 3 inches ish so looks like it would play on the teac

What should I pay for it?


That will go silly money!


I inherited a job lot of 71/2ips half track tapes with a Revox A77 that are all R3 concert recordings from the 70s - probably made using a Revox tuner or similar. They sound better to me than anything the BBC puts out these days.



Isn’t most BBC classical FM output derived from some fairly low bit digital these days? Surprising the live stuff even occasionally sounds decent now. Not sure what spec their current digital output has. They’ve been trying to do better with
the proms recently.


I remember a posting from the Wan years ago when I think Serge explained about the FM signal path. Went via 14 bit digital and some other thing that limited frequency response to 16kHz, iirc.

Still heard some great sounds when I had a Rotel 990 tuner though.


Do you reckon you can hear beyond 16kHz, or even up to it?


I get close to 16, but no cigar


I think mine’s gone at 15kHz


Schumann is the answer you weren’t looking for


Hamstrung by the work experience boys and girls running the levels. Firsy big climax of Mars from the planets was quieter than the start…


Well, did you cough up £91 for Queen?


Did anyone here buy the Oscar Peterson tapes?


Thought about it, I did get one of the staggered tapes because I can do the delay digitally :wink:


Nope, me neither.


89 was my bid so lost out

Wonder how much it might have gone to

Got my daughter on German websites now as uk purchase seems spendy

Hoping to get the teac in wed so would be nice to have one tape to play when I fetch it


The amusing thing about this current retro fad is how very modern the wallet destruction mechanism is. A relatively low entry point for hardware costs - your gateway drug - balanced by wince-inducing software prices.


UK purchase of 4 track tapes is nigh on impossible unless the seller has imported them himself. They just don’t seem to have been sold here.


Yep, UK has either poor quality mono tapes produced at rapid dub speeds, or expensive imports, which are responsible for my own impending bankruptcy :grimacing: