Reel 2 Reel - bottomless pit of faff, expense and hisssssssss


Arrival this morning. Have high expectations of anything from Everest


Cheers Guy :+1:


Ed bringing his Teac to my bake off sealed the deal, the magical draw of the R2R can be resisted no more.

I’ve spent the last two nights trawling the for sale sections of the t’internet for something that would fit the bill.

Last night I had my offer accepted on a Technics RS-1500

Pick up next week its a long drive but I think it might be worth it.


Until you get the service bill. :+1:


Also looking for one of those. Is it well looked after or does it need servicing?


It has been well looked after.
The seller has assured me everything is in full working order and it is in excellent condition.
All the pictures he sent me look good.
So why not eh !!!


Is it the one in Glasgow? There was a cheap on in Northern Island too lol.


Another tape just landed on the mat :slightly_smiling_face:




Bargain, enjoy the trip.


and to think, you used to take the piss out of my Vinyl habit :rofl:


‘Used to…’ - I still do😆


Hypocrisy is so unbecoming


They’ve arrived! Been waiting a long time for a pair of these from Germany. I have a yen for reel to reel before the Americans nicked it :smiley:


Number 1, complete with ancient tape soon for the trash. These make NAB spools look small.


AKAI 635d reel to reel tape recording rare vintage


635s are nice decks but that is very hopefully priced.


Silly money but :heart_eyes:


They only way I’d get into this is by buying a mint Technics. Rs1500 or a high end akai unit, primarily becuase they look cool and they seem to hold their value well.
Id also need assurance there’s no dust buring smells or a whiff of nicotine once its been running for a while. Given their age im sure a fair few would have been used in smokey rooms way back when.


Probably less so with the consumer decks?