Rest In Peace Dave

Very sadly I regret to inform that Dave @chelseadave passed away peacefully this evening in a care home in Kingston.

He’d been incredibly stoical about his condition and full of humour until the very end.

I will let all his friends on here know about the funeral arrangements in due course.



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Really sad to hear this.

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So sorry to hear this.
Many thanks for looking after him so well.
I know he appreciated it very much.

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What dreadful news, I didn’t know he’d been unwell. Shall miss his reminders of Richmond. Rest in peace Dave, condolences to those here who knew him well.

Edit - don’t know why I originally wrote Kingston, had meant Richmond of course

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Oh man, that’s such sad news. :cry:

He will be missed.

Rest in peace, Dave.

Golden lads and girls all must,
As chimney-sweepers, come to dust.


That’s very sad. He was a lovely gentle guy with a wry sense of humour who had led a long, full & very interesting life. I shall miss him. I’m sure many of us will.


Tragic news Ben. Thanks for everything you did for him.

He’ll be missed. He was such fun.

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So very sorry to hear this sad news RIP Dave, you will be greatly missed.

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That’s such sad news Ben.

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So sad. He was a genuinely lovely guy.

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Sending condolences to Dave’s friends. Sorry for your loss.

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Sad news. RIP Dave

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Terribly sad news. RIP Dave.

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Terribly sad news
Thanks for all the help you gave recently Ben
I spent a bit of time with Dave over the years, at bakeoffs, Scalford and Munich, he was always great company.


RIP Dave

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I liked his little cameos. They really showed his sense of fun beautifully.


Dave came to pretty much all of my bakes in Ilford, so this is how I will remember him - sitting in the garden in the sunshine gassing about hfi and his beloved Chelsea FC.

Bye bye Dave. RIP


Wish I’d had the chance to know him sooner and longer.
He will be missed.

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So sorry :persevere: he’ll be missed.

Well done Ben for being with him.

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