Roll-Up: A Search For The Finest Sausage Roll

We’re down at Gwithian in Cornwall for a couple of nights under canvas and came through Hayle. The usual pasty choice would be Philps but for some time I’ve wanted to try Lucy Bakes which only opens Thursday to Saturday.There were some fine looking sausage rolls on offer (might go back tomorrow) as well as steak or cheese and onion pasties and this magnificent looking 13 storey chocolate cake.

The pasty was great. Really well filled and seasoned with good pastry. Not quite Barnecutts but closer than most.

While there was some left.


Churchtown farm?



No, Gwithian Farm. They’re next to each other and I’d originally tried to book for Churchdown but they didn’t have a spare pitch with hook up.

But we’ve now walked through both and there’s quite a difference. Despite the two being similarly priced, Gwithian has larger more spendy camper vans and fancy caravans towed by black Overfinch range rovers. Churchdown has more football club flags and allegiances on display as well as a splendid, Lest we Forget, Remember the fallen flag with soldier silhouettes & poppies flown high & proud from a camper near the entrance. Just what you need to be reminded of when on holiday! But the beach is great and the area interesting. I watched a nice little documentary recently about the Red River that ran from Camborne down to Godrevy carrying at one time residue from the mining. I want to go and explore that and Portreath tomorrow


Yes, we have been down there a lot and are at Churchtown for a couple of weeks soon. The beach and coastline heading north (on foot) are really beautiful. I have a few days just with my lad at the beginning of our holiday, and plan to do a bit of exploring. :+1::grin:

Edit: and a trio to Philps will be in order too. :grin:


Went back to Lucy Bakes just now. They had some sausage rolls left but sadly all were spoken for. However, they did have sausage rolls with basil and sun-dried tomatoes in the mix. Absolute game changer. The best tasting sausage roll I’ve ever had.


Did you say they are in Hayle?

Sounds good, might have to try that.

Is that shortcrust pastry?

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Yes, very short and flaky pastry.

They are in the middle of Hayle quite near the large Asda although according to their Facebook page they’ve found new premises to move to fairly soon. At the moment they’re just Thursday Friday and Saturday 11-4 but I guess they may increase the days they’re open.


I’m gonna give that a go tomorrow


Doesn’t need much but the tang of the tomato and the flavour of the basil really lifts the sausage meat.

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On the beach today with a dirty slice of wrong

A similar aesthetic to the famed ‘clogger’ this ‘schoolhouse’ sausage roll strays off piste - Not Heston off piste but a deviant by any measure.

Observe the up-skirt:

What pray tell is the orange flotsam? Apricot it transpires, this non advertised and highly irregular additive stimulated an internal blues that was only subdued by it’s taste. W.T.F.! The pastry should be noted as buttery, in honesty it was more butter than anything else
Other ingredients included caramelized red onion which worked quite well. A Gurn worthy herb and seasoning balance assisted in denying the apricot aspect which was clearly a questionable turn.

WHAT OF THE PORK ICI? At a guess I would say the pig that made this was happy, like fed black truffles and MDMA happy. I say this as the dopamine released whilst chowing down on this was considerable… I have unsurprisingly had far worse sex; perhaps this might explain the unconscious low level sex noises interlaced with murmured swearing this thing manifested from me.

At £6 per slice this ransom is possibly enough to generate the latter reaction but the sex noise thing; that is down to ‘equal of heaven porkage’.


From the cafe at Mothecombe?

Bullseye, they’ve been busy there and changed a lot about. Yesterdays pork afterglow soured somewhat by loosing may wallet and the subsequent thirty phone calls cancelling all kinds of nonsense. I blame the apricots - I must’ve lost my bearings for a while there


Moar (pork) sausage rolls

Fetlar Services - open for business - 24/7

Price range: ££££ - £££££

*Reviews: 1/5

*Called in on my way to Funzie and the cheeky cunt wanted £2.50 each for the sausage rolls :rage:


I could have sliced him open for the muffin mind

Paprika, garlic and parsley into the meat.

Remote control added for scale.


Had a sausage roll with added marmite at the half way house at Mid Sussex golf club.
It didn’t last long enough to pose for pics though


Been a touch quiet this thread of late.

Behold! Rejoice ye in the magnificence of the jalapeno sausage roll from the Belsay shop.

Resplendent addressed with chilli flakes.


Looks reassuringly dense :grinning: