Roon redux


I thought cheap way to access high res version.

Redbook sounds fine.


You can use it if available, I just would spend any money on anything to do with it.


If it doesn’t have an mqa decoder you need to software decode, so you get 96khz.


The irony being that it’ll happily play your non MQA 192 & 384 files. :rofl:

Even more reason to despise MQA and what it stands for (DRM and control)


I use tidal via Logitech media server so don’t even get to soft decode it.


You must feel like you’re missing out horribly. :rofl:


Have you tried Qobuz through Roon? I am on 30 days free trial at present. No MQA just hi res if that’s what you’re after?


Have you tried Qobuz through Roon? I am on 30 days free trial at present. No MQA just hi res if that’s what you’re after?


I did try it years ago. It would depend on the range of music. I don’t listen to much classical.


I’ve got Qobuz and TIDAL atm, using the Qobuz trial. I will cancel my TIDAL subscription when the Qobuz trial runs out because MQA and Jay-feckin’-Z. I’ll pay for monthly access to Qobuz instead.


Still not decided that yet but edging that way the more i use it. The music selection available is the deciding thing but all seems good so far. Only upsides so far:sunglasses:!


What happens to tne Tidal albums added to your Roon library ?


It appears that Roon has sorted them out on Quboz also. I had issues with all sorts of random shite from TIDAL turning up in my library for reasons that escape me. Hopefully that will feck off too when I cancel TIDAL.


They just disappear from your library when you remove your account.


Did you enable Tidal collections in Roon, or if you’d liked individual songs in Tidal it will add the whole album it’s associated with.


There are library management systems to transfer playlists and albums, which I used to move the family playlists especially. Good that Roon does it for you.


No. Just oodles of random shit turned up in my library after either a TIDAL or Roon update. TBH some of it has been OK as I’ve listened to bits and pieces of it. Some of it is tedious bollocks though that I would never dream of listening to. It also happened on my phone where another load of shite was downloaded to the phone for offline listening.For instance my phone lists A/B Til Infinity by Egyptrixx under recent activity. I know that I would actively avoid this kind of thing so have no clue where it came from. There are loads of similar things under recent activity that are 1,000,000 miles from anything I would attempt via headphones.


LOL, absolutely nothing to do with beer then.


Qobuz remembered I ahd been on before so had to pay.

Trying monthly


Sadly, I am currently unable to imbibe without putting myself in danger of catastrophic explosions. It may well be down to chronic ineptitude though.