Roon redux


Use a different email address.


Enjoying qobuz, their library is much improved from when I tried it years ago. Listened to Sea Change in 192 and sounded as good as sacd from memory.

As a frustrated sacd fan boy, Qobuz looks like the place for me.

Will run both for a while and then drop one.


That’s also my intention and so far it looks like it will be Tidal that will be going.


:sunglasses: Ditto.


You hipster twats.


You down wit Jaz-Z bro?


Qobuz source all their music from R2R :smiley:


I’ve used Tidal for about 3 years (maybe more?) using the apps from Auralic, Sonos and now Dynaudio and have never had any encroachment from them about what I listen to?

When I started I just saved all my favourite albums (maybe 200 or so) and then if I fancy seeing what is new I just go to the ‘Genres’ section and look at the new ‘Country’ or ‘Folk/Americana’ releases - click on something that looks interesting and if I like it save it to my favourites.

Maybe if you use the desktop interface it’s different.

I tried Qobuz but there were stacks of my favourite albums not available so it wasn’t for me.


Today I started adding everything ever recommended from the Radio 3 ‘Building a Library’ programme to a Roon custom tag.


How many to go ?


A “shit-ton”.


Been reading up on MQA, where have I been for the last two years ? On a hifi forum talking about pork and cricket :smile:

Roon forum is like the old cable days. No matter how a thread starts it ends up in a row about MQA.


I haven’t heard the wonders of MQA yet, maybe at my bake off we can do thoroughly interesting A/B tests… :grinning:


And then test mains cables :sweat_smile:


Oh yeah, lets :+1:


And then cable.lifters and grounding boxes, the possibilities are endless.


if you ask nicely


Tidal are starting to push out an increasing number of new releases for which there is no redbook version available. It’s MQA or bust.

What a load of shit.


I saw this. The 100% move to Qobuz is impending here. Also, the personal playlists TIDAL is putting on my phone always contain two Bryan Ferry tunes :angry:. WTF is that about? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Does he play the flute? :grinning: