Roon redux


Why not get a new NAS that can run the Roon core, keep you existing NAS as a backup device and save yourself a lot of money?


I am crap with computers but run roon on mine with little problem. Having said that, Mark did make a little tweak to the output to mine the other week but more fine tuning than anything. If I can manage it you can, because I am totally hopeless!


Just get a decent Windows PC; I use one like this:

Big 23" touch screen, SSD for speed and an HD for storage, would run Roon easily.


Good advice but my brain hurts thinking about trying to get Roon to work again. I need to try the dac in the CD player.


Presumably it does have a digital input?


Yes, has USB etc


We you can either spend a grand+ on a turnkey solution, or a couple of hundred quid on a PC like that. I’m sure you could find a local PC guru who would come and spend a couple of hours setting up for a hundred quid.


Yep, would come and set up for coffee and cake :grin:


A new coffee machine could be the way to go :smile:

What happened to nonsensical itch scratching HiFi purchases :smile:


Haha, yes. Spend a few hundred on an Intel NUC and lob the rest at an outrageous coffee machine. :grin:


Not personally, but a dealer near me got the more expensive one in to try and was not overly impressed.


How did I miss @thebiglebowski’s flounce on the Roon forums?

“Goodbye Roon” :joy:


Lack of interest ?


No issue with Roon just fed up with it adding JayZ shite from Tidal


Fucking hell, any old dunce can get Roon to work :wink:


Except it didn’t, did it?

It’s been added through you (or somebody with your login) favouriting something in Tidal.


fucking hell even Phil is better at trolling than that attempt.


Sorry Einstein, you’ve obviously got it all in hand.


I really hated all the Jay-Z shit in Tidal, it was worth moving to Qobuz just for that alone!


What is Roon then. Like Spotify?