Roon redux

You’re all looking far too user friendly - play music directly from the command line:


Works for me.

Literally works for me in this case. Did take a bit of time to actually get functioning due to needing to install some dependencies.

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Can it decode MQA?

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Who cares?

Everyone should, MQA is the future.

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Sure thing Grandpa

have a listen, it sounds fantastic and saves bandwidth, it’s a winner on so many levels.


You practising for your first posts when you get let back on the Roon forum?

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used up all my alias accounts and don’t think there’s much chance of the bans being lifted.

not renewing the subscription this month so little point in going back there, just going to laugh at the constant car crash of the arse kissing fanboys.

You kids these days. You really need to show a bit of pride and craftsmanship when moving in for the troll.

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Roon Sound Quality.

Before I go any further, can I just clarify, I am on leave, on strong painkillers, and a bit bored. But…

  • Comparing the same track on native app and Tidal Connect against Roon, there is distortion that becomes more obvious at high volume. Picked this up in the vocals and drum track of one of my favourite tracks -

Something is going on…it did seem the drums were not quite timing right, then as I turned it up the vocals start to break and lose togetherness.

Or it could be the opioids.

Can other Roon users be arsed to try - I’ve read similar comments over on @thebiglebowski favourite Roon forum, but always been a bit dismissive.

Roon is MUCH more convenient and user friendly, but if its compromised SQ wise I ain’t paying the fees.

It’s interesting. The Roon team will tell you it can’t possibly make a difference, and Chris got banned for questioning them. I’ve always found that using Roon’s core/RAAT/RoonBridge stack tended to flatten dynamics, smooth out rough edges that were supposed to be there, and rob the music of life.

Using the LMS option to (unsupported) Squeezelite endpoints gave SQ improvements at the expense of some operational issues. Moving up to using HQPlayer and its NAA endpoints through Roon gave a significant improvement, even if you didn’t use its fancy upsampling, although HQPlayer on its own was even better.

The counter is that Roon actually looks like it was put together by a team that had read a few books on human interface design rather that someone who’d read a book on HTML coding. I tend to use Roon for general listening, where it’s music discovery facilities are excellent, and HQPlayer for in-depth listening to stuff I’ve found or already got.

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That was going to be my next port of call, HQ Player.

I’ll have a look to see if I can trial it, I’m using an Auralic streamer, so be interesting to see if I can use it independent of Roon. I might need a bit of help, so will PM you if ok, always thought the HQ Player website was a bit poor.

Can you post a jpeg of the signal path? Click on the coloured symbol on the play bar when the track is playing. Use snipping tool or something to grab a screenie of it.

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There’s a free trial of HQPlayer which runs for half an hour then has to be reloaded. I have a horrible feeling however that Auralic don’t support the HQPlayer NAA endpoint protocol, or Squeezelite either, so you may not be able to use it.

The HQPlayer website is very old school and the user interface of the software is a bit challenging. - think Windows 95 era. It’s a steep learning curve and if it didn’t sound so good I wouldn’t put up with it.

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I don’t care what Roon say I’m of the opinion that their software is changing the sound of music played via it. They claim that disabling all DSP leaves the audio stream untouched but I think they are still performing some form of DSP that is hidden.

Whether that’s RAAT or RoonServer is difficult to judge, I was intending on doing a packet capture of the audio stream coming in from Qobuz and comparing that to the audio stream coming out of Roon to the endpoint but RAAT is essentially tunnelling the stream so it’s not possible or would be difficult :frowning: (that and I didn’t renew my roon subscription after my last login was banned)

To me Roon doesn’t sound anywhere near as good as Innuos, Aurdirvana or LMS direct.

Here you go. Discovered my Aqua Dac is not Roon Ready, for all that means, so doesn’t show up in the signal path, but its fed by USB from the Auralic.

Just reading that Auralic doesn’t play ball with it, as you say. Must admit, the native app is very good, so will keep comparing them for a while. I’m in a grump because Roon is starting to look poor value to me, if it fails in SQ terms.

Should be fine then, doesn’t matter about the DAC certification. Was just checking to see there was no DSP going on.

I’ll check that track through Roon for you later. Actually might be tomorrow as my Internet has been down for 24h - I’m hotspotting off my mobile at the moment.

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