Roon redux


I use Roon as a mechanism to integrate my own digital library with TIDAL and avoid the horrible apps/GUI that come with the various streamers in the house. You can read about it here:
I’m not really too bothered about the enhanced metadata thing as I rarely want to read while I am listening to music.

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That first sentence is beyond my comprehension. Thanks for trying though.


Feckin’ Luddites everywhere…:face_with_monocle:


My middle name


It’s library management software. It meshes with Tidal so your library is seamless with Tidal’s.


And you pay $10/month for that?



Actually, Roon is a kind of faff avoidance mechanism so it is hardly surprising that it has split the 'Toir three ways. There are those who think it is worthwhile, those who vote Meh! and then there is good old Flouncy McFlounceface…:grinning:


Yes, it’s excellent.


This is what I said (although it is much clearer than my effort). It also acts as the control software for your streamer.


Yes, other than it’s annual, (roon that is) Tidal is a monthly subscription. Roon is pretty, easy to use, including luddites, and you don’t notice particulary when you swap from playing your own ripped library to playing from tidal. I pay for roon cos it pretty, Tidal 'cos it works out cheaper than buying crap albums based on having heard a couple of tracks. Given the cost of a slab of vinyl it’s not a particularly expensive way to pick your purchase.


Anyone tried Roon Nucleus?


I like how they eschew full Linux builds as inefficient, when Roon is one of the least efficient systems around! My music server happily runs on a £30 Pi, which also does plenty more than just that :rofl:


I have an AN DAC 4.1 ltd (Kit thing but with nice bits in) sitting here, I also have some music on Itunes…I have no idea what any of this stuff does, how to use it or owt. Perhaps need to borrow / bribe / kidnap a friendly butcher to assist…Imagine a mind with the intellect of plankton and half it - Hello!


Is the iTunes music worth bothering with? If it’s well ripped and tagged, lossless and unusual music I mean. If not, then some kind of device plus a tidal/Qobuz sub would make much more sense. Not having to integrate your own library makes things much easier - you could just use a Chromecast Audio then. £30 plus £20 per month, for lossless bit perfect audio to the DAC.


My itunes is full of stuff I want (track rips from vinyl) the sound quality is probably MP3 shocking. I’ve had this Dac sitting here for the last 5 years and thought it might be an idea to do something with it. I’m completely switched off to digital but having a bit of required kit and a fair whack of stuff on Itunes is itching powder to my disinterest.
Things start to fall down when I hear “tidal/Qobuz sub” which indicates to me why it’s taken 5 years to post a Mayday about digital. Like any decent butcher I am therefor prepared to throw money at this project whist remaining willfully ignorant.


The Nucleus should not be part of of the meatman’s stable since it exists to completely eschew faff. Therefore it should be reviled and shunned.

In all seriousness, it’s a £500 Intel NUC in a fancy box. It’s plug and play but Roon isn’t hard to set up.


Well I reckon you should get something like a Bluesound Node 2i. It’s a £500 device that kinda does everything - it will stream your music (including via Apple Airplay, which is likely to be very easy), but also work with Tidal if you want that. Has a digital out. It’s likely to be the most user-friendly way of getting it all working.


This ^^^

And this ^^^


I’m still thinking about getting one, possibly over Xmas holidays. I don’t have time for faff at the moment, work is just crazy.


This a cheap option

Reviewed here