Roon redux


That’s an endpoint, though. You can’t run the core on that.


Didn’t realise, that’s my plans scuppered.


There are lots of things that you can get by on though - for instance, an old(ish) laptop. Stuff it away in a cupboard. You’ll need something with a beefy Celeron or i3 as a minimum.


TBF if i’m awake so is my macbook, just thought that the Pi’s were standalone.


Scott Nangle is advertising Nucleus at £1295. Is anyone else selling these at a discount now ?


For a grand I’ll buy a PC of considerably superior spec and install Roon software on it for you


Just to say, I’ve recently tested one of these and it is utterly fucking brilliant. I don’t know when the Blu OS interface became as good as it now is but at some point it did and it makes plenty of quite pricey rivals look Fisher Price by comparison.


They will be nearly as good as a squeezebox soon. :smiley:


The SB architecture is showing its age now - it’s great for playing your own music, but I imagine that most SB users were early adopters, and will have moved to streaming services mostly. While it does this, it’s not that elegantly implemented.


It doesn’t integrate with local libriaries, but I don’t think there’s a streaming service it can’t play. I don’t think there’s a library manager and certainly not a manufacturer out that can do that.

It’s still miles ahead in so many ways because open source rocks.


I agree, but I still have to add podcasts for my wife if she wants a new one, because it’s not a simple click of a button on the app.


I still use bbc listen again on the Transporter and I am yet to find an alternative streamer which offers this. It’s the main thing that’s stopping me going all out Roon.


Worst case scenario you could use a Chromecast Audio as a SB player, and plug that into the digital input of the transporter. Other methods probably available.


Just updated Roon and Qobuz is now available. I’m giving it a month’s free trial and if, as expected, it is less annoying than TIDAL, I will give TIDAL the arse (largely due to the incessant promotion of the owner’s music and other similar crap).


That was a huge issue for me


I wouldn’t mind so much if I could turn it off, but the fact that it is there by default almost all the time is unforgivable.


Loads of people seem upset about that, but I couldn’t be less arsed. A couple of clicks bypasses it.


Indeed. Subscribe to Qobuz, unsubscribe from TIDAL. Sorted.


I’ve got an Aurender. On the downside it has shit brown software interface, on the upside it integrates Tidal into this shitty coloured environment and therefore I don’t see or get irritated by the self promotion.


Qobuz integrated in Roon release this morning, whoop!