Roon redux


Not much gets past you these days Paul. Finger on the pulse and all that sort of thing…:wink:


was the worst kept secret in music TBH :rofl:


I’ll expect glowing reviews of French Smooth Jazz from now on.


Avec ou sans les flûtes?


Toute la flûte




Let us know if it sounds different/better than Tidal. I use Tidal ATM mainly due to being a massive Carter Family fan.

Gotta go, keeping up with the Kardashian’s is on.


I don’t hear much difference. It is easy to use via Roon so I have no UI gripes. Sadly the Qobuz best of 2018 playlists are a bit meh!


Will give it a try :+1:


I really like the Qobuzissime lists and best of Qobuz that they do. Found some cool stuff that way.


I’m listening to Massive Attack Roots and Heritage playlist now. It is decent.


woohooo no more hippety hoppity fucking Tidal.

oy fuckface @browellm change my avatar tag to something French


Impressions after 48 hours are this is a real mixed bag of an update.

The new Roon Radio personalised listening feature which works across local and streaming services is excellent.

The new Search should be good, but isn’t at the moment - both from a results and visual design perspective.

The overall UI changes are pretty poor. There’s a lack of cohesion a lot of screen real-estate is wasted but also manages to feel cramped at the same time. An odd double-whammy of crapness.


The expanded track frequency graph thingy majig on the bottom on the screen somehow cheapens the whole feel for me, looks like soundcloud or some amateur freeware.
The few tweaks I have noticed don’t really enhance the experience, just seem like change for the sake of it.

Oh, and having become familiar with the DSP, they’ve also made that pretty pants.

Apart from that it’s ace.


Have they added any BBC listen again access ?


I don’t have any issue with Tidal but I am interested in how Qobutz compares with it. How is the library depth/sound/useability etc, etc now you have been using for a few days Olan?


I’m far too shallow to judge things by sound quality. :smiley: Qobuz is an MQA and Jay-Z free zone. This makes me happy :grin:.

To be fair to Qobuz, some of the 24/96 FLAC streams have been very, very good. I’ve recently acquired a new DAC with a valve based output stage (Aestethix Pandora) which seems to reduce the digital glare that puts me off extended digital listening. I’ve had Qobuz going all day and can’t complain about it at all (:flushed:). I can’t be arsed to check if there are differences in 16/44.1 playback though.


How about the library depth?


I’ve had no issues with finding anything I want to listen to. I do my searches from within Roon so cannot comment on respective GUIs.

I’m very impressed with the jazz and classical collections. The playlists I used from Qobuz (reggae, jazz, electronica) were more to my tastes than their TIDAL equivalents, particularly the electronica which had less wimpy ambient chillout techno-bollocks than the TIDAL equivalent.


In terms of raw numbers Qoboz has around 20-25m fewer tracks than Tidal.

Obviously 25m of what is the question.

They have a free trial though so you could run both side-by-side and see.