Roon redux


This is what I am doing. Thus far I may well pay the extra few quid for the absence of MQA and Jay-Z. This is not such a consideration at home but bugs the feck out of me using TIDAL on my phone.


Thank you for your help lads. I don’t really have a problem with Tidal tbh, the whole family use it now, we all have it on our phones and I find it very good. The stuff that seems to drive others mad, I don’t notice at all! If something is better though…


Qobuz is much better if you listen to any classical. I also like the lack of Jay-Z and MQA.

If you move from one to another there are ways to port playlists etc


Don’t scare me off! :scream:


Anyone know if you can use the full features of dsp (i.e. edit ‘on the fly’) in the iPad app? Or is it limited to just turning dsp on and off as per the iPhone app?


I found this on the Roon forum.

You can’t do DSP adjustments on the iPhone app. You can on the iPad version though.

Unfortunately due to the screen real-estate required for the DSP functions this part of the interface isn’t available on the iPhone. If you load up the iPad, Mac, or Windows remote you’ll get the DSP configuration screens.


much appreciated, I find the DSP makes a real difference, but sitting with a laptop just makes me feel like I’m at work, so was hoping to swap to an iPad.
I have read that the large iPad pro is the best interface for Roon, but would rather invest that sort of dosh in improving my system.


Pulled the trigger on a Nucleus +

I know, I know … pocket…hole…burnt


I’ll be very interested to know how you get on with it. I’ve been mulling one over for a while. Pictures and some thoughts when you get a chance please Pete.


I’m hopeful it will work. Pictures might be boring, mid size grey box afaik.


They look good but I think you’re bonkers for buying one.

It is just an Intel NUC in a fancy case that you could buy separately for a 1/4 of the price.


Not quite 1/4, and there is a value in the support from buying a product rather than a PC


The Nucleus+ is £2,500 + £380 for Roon, the equivalent hardware is £760 (inc Roon lifetime subscription)


Still can’t fathom out where you put the record, or is it nothing to do with music, just a computer ?


It’s an i7 with 8GB, but generally I take your point.

Personally I use a Raspberry Pi for my music server that does a heck of a lot more as well, and cost £30. Plus a fiver for the case. I’m not Roon’s market, I guess. I like to do things my way.

I can understand why they sell it for the price they do, as they have developed an OS for it - presumably Linux based? I just have no idea why you’d want a custom OS on a music server, when all it achieves is preventing you doing anything else with the device.


The OS is free and you can download it from Roon, it’s exactly the same as the version running on the Nucleus.

The Nucleus is just hardware with the same Roon OS already installed for you.


Oh yeah, they even provide that link to buy the hardware. In which case I simply don’t understand.

I guess there are dealer margins, as well as their costs of assembly, but that’s a high price.

I should set myself up selling these for a grand. Would only take an hour or two, and most of that will be waiting for the install!


Business opportunity here.

I just don’t have the knowledge or time to attempt this myself. In the office again now in an effort to get some time off next week.


Innuos ZENmini is a lot cheaper, about £1k with a good LPS
the OS is Linux and manufacturer support is excellent, they dialed in to mine to show me how to go about doing something

the iPad Roon interface is excellent, highly recommended

TIP: if you have cloud storage then Allway sync is a great tool for backups (just do the initial back up manually so it doesn’t think it’s commercial use and lock you)


Got Tidal working. So far so good