Royal Wedding Thread


So long as they’ve wrapped it all up by 5.30. Wouldn’t want it interfering with the cup final.


Trying to forget it’s happening,not confident.


It’s going ahead. There’s just the question of whether her dad will show up.


Great to see Windsor has moved on poor homeless people to accommodate wealthier rough sleepers



Drove through Windsor last night, lots of police, signs, cones, etc.


They must have known you were coming… :wink:


Excellent, my planned heist on the BofE vaults should go well. Failing that we might have a pop at the Crown Jewels, the owners are at the wedding along with plod.


Cunting bunting :roll_eyes:




Maybe it’s just me, but does this picture make 'Arry look like a serial killer?


I’m sorry but the owner of that window needs a kick in the cunt and her husband can have a cockpunch for allowing it or vice versa.


Lol, it’s a blokes window!


Just saw that hence the edit. Obviously a clear case of undiagnosed gender dysphoria.



It reminds me of that scene in Salem’s Lot with the kid vampires looking through the window.

I still like Harry et all though but all the mouth breathing, street party organising, Sun reading souvenir pull-out keeping, bunting loving cunts can fuck right the fuck off.

As can every ‘Royal’ correspondent ever.


Ginga solidarity! :+1::+1:


oh what joyous fun


Not as much fun as guessing what titles they will get. The Beeb are really spoiling us today. We really should double the license fee for all this great content.


Earl and Earless of Lopwel