Scroungers of the Abattoir

Sorry about lowering the tone of the joint with a Hi Fi thread. Has anybody close to Liverpool got a cartridge protractor I could borrow please?

I have been unhappy with the Lyra Helikon that came with my Clearaudio Ambient. I spent a lot of time setting things up again today and am a bit happier but it still doesn’t sound right. I can’t find my Dr Fieckert (last seen in Melbourne nearly 5 years ago) and the Clearaudio protractor is £185 + P&P.

I don’t really want to by one right now if I need to replace the Lyra too. If I can convince myself that the setup is correct and it still isn’t sounding good, then I’ll finally spring for a new cartridge. Matters are not helped by the impending purchase of a new DAC either.

I have got a Dr. Fuckit you can borrow, but it is currently at bandit pilot’s. I’ll have to ping him - maybe he could send it direct to you.

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That would be brilliant. I promise not to hang on to it for more than about three years :innocent:

I have some and a Lyra Helikon too, so you swap it to make sure the cart is 100%.

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Make one out of graph paper

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That would be even more excellent as I wouldn’t have to stress about a Royal Mail related fuck up wrecking Mark’s Dr Fecker…

I can pop over Sat evening or sometime next week in the evening. PM me etc…

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I have a basic protractor that comes with the T/T. In the past I always achieved best results with the Clearaudio/Dr Fecker type as it guarantees all the critical measurements are dialled in.

Cheers Bob. Saturday evening would be fab. Bring yer Crystal Meth or whatever and we’ll give that a lash also.

Will do. Do you need another TT to compare?

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Dunno really. I guess it wouldn’t hurt. The Clear Audio seems fine, but if the cartridge checks out I guess it could be the arm or bearings, or the phonostage…arrrgh!

It’s worth understanding how tracking error works.

Using graph paper, you can measure the angle of error at different points. This doesn’t actually give you the distortion - distortion is higher towards the centre for the same angle error, due to record speed.

To minimise the overall tracking distortion, you end up with two points where the cartridge is perfectly aligned - the two point systems work this way (unfortunately, they don’t actually tell you what adjustment you need to make, but that’s another story). The difference between the two point systems can generally be understood as how much high end of side distortion they allow (which you may never hear) to reduce distortion in the middle (which you certainly will).

Really, try measuring using graph paper and plotting the displacement from the radius for the cartridge to be parallel onto said paper. It’s good practice, if nothing else.


I know that thanks. :blush: Very help posting though.

OK cool loads of people just use the two point ones blindly and can get quite poor results

I have a Degree in Engineering but I fear that’s not enough to own a turntable :open_mouth:


Have pinged Rick. It’s available if you want it. DM address if you decide to.

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I think Bob and I might have it sorted. I’ll get back to you. Thanks very much for going to the trouble though.

Buggered if I can figure out which Aussie tosser had mine away. Fuckers, the whole mob of them. Criminality in the genes I expect…

Racist :rage:

Some of my favourite people are Australians. Hell, I even married one and become one. I know them too well.

Good to see you haven’t nodded off in your pie floater though!

Face down in a bowl of ambrosia is something I crave.