Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today

I think those the drivers that someone covers in dots by hand (and charges considerably more than a none dotted version). I remember what they’re called shortly, i hope.

What do they sound like?

Detail, speed and transparency like you wouldn’t believe. Very good imaging.

A bit bass light, as you would expect, although my room is so small that this isn’t as big an issue as you might think.

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enAbl or something. Yes, EnABL.

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Yes thats it. Well done

Pearly queen



Yep, that’s it.

Complete and entirely resplendent with it’s very own 3 chamber Fibonacci horn cabinet :+1:

No I just remember when it first appeared, have chatted about it with Stephan who imports the Mark audio drivers in the past.

It was a pair of Frugelhorns with Alpair 10 drivers that I owned that got me interested in these.

I’ve no doubt they’re a very engaging listen, esp in a small room.
Not sure i buy into the dots, but wevs.

Frugal horns = good

Drivers that use tippex and felt tip marks with enclosures based on Fibonacci = Peter Belt levels of bonkers.

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All full range drivers should be burnt. (Unless used as a mid)


Incredible in many ways Graham.

If I could find the “Enhance Bass” button they would be my perfect speaks.

Just need a pair of small bk subs and dsp ftw.


Don’t think I could disagree with a word of that.

They do sound very good though.

Palestine !




Yes I had a pair of frugalhorn xl with alpair drivers and never listened to so much vocals in my life

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If you don’t think they need a tweeter as well, you’ve been to too many gigs!

These kinds of speakers are fun, bit they limit your listening too much IMO.

Or you’re over 50 and your high frequency hearing is gerfucken.