Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Tru dat.

Anywayz, listen with your eyes closed, its all good.


New (2nd hand) streamer.:slightly_smiling_face:

New (2nd hand) speakers due next week.:sunglasses:


Still tweaking the set up.
These things go loud beautifully.

I’m thinking the pull out to listen (expose the bass driver), and push back to stow.


Lookin good :+1:


After loads of effort to get them closer I’m now about to shove the right one back wide as I prefer the layout. I’ll lose some soundstage but they still sound great apart.


They’ll be in the middle of the living room before you can say “Can you believe how small these speakers are”




It’s actually a full range speaker.
Or a pin head for those accustomed to white goods listening.


Get rid of the TV and cabinet - sod the family.


Next step is a 65 inch oled on that wall. Can’t give up the movies in glorious 5:1 with the B&W MT60 set up.


Pisstaking aside, they are cute, do like the styling - inasmuch as unlike most speakers, they actually have some! :+1:


I bought them for the sound. Totally.
The size wasn’t the issue. Six metres apart and these still have a soundstage and clarity.

The only improvement would be oak but then I’d not have paid under half retail.


I’d have to put one speaker in the back garden and the other on the pavement outside to get them that far apart.:flushed:


Odd shaped L lounge.

I can put them close either side of tv but it just messes up the whole look of the room. Wife approval zero (but the soundstage is immense).

Or they go wide and lose bit and the room works better.

Unlike the old speakers these still sound fab apart and there is still depth that was lost before. The rear tweeters against the hard wall throw sound about and the side ones can fill the room better.


Cool. Let me know if you ever fancy heading up this way with it :wink: I quite fancy having a play with one.


I have an Auralic Mini for sale now.:grinning:

TBH there is very little in it - the full Aries is that little bit cleaner and more transparent in it’s presentation. The Mini is softer (though of course in reality all digital sounds the same🙄).
I’ll give it some more time over the weekend but I might even keep the Mini and sell the Aries as I spunked a huge amount on my new speakers yesterday.:joy:


What ones?


Watch this space.:shushing_face:

Knowing my luck they will get damaged or lost by the courier so don’t want to tempt fate.


You buy feckin’ kit like I (used to) buy pretty coloured vinyl.


I’m hopeful these latest ones should be my forever speakers.:rofl: