Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Before he went duller


It’s handy that this place is right on your jogging route -Two birds one stone.


Dunno, you sure that his missus hasn’t drawn him into some kind of keys in the ashtray/BDSM type shizzle? :grimacing:


You sure would, if it meant you wouldn’t have to sleep with him for a night :slight_smile:


I’m not sure that deliverance can save him?


If you were her, what would you do? Damn right, trade up.


Foo rack…


MK1 Pagode - Worth checking over the spikes once it is loaded


Will do.


it is a sickness !!! crazy hobby but fun


Fecking bottomless moneypit more like.


Depends on how autistic you are, generally.


got the frugalhorns sounding pretty amazing , using a rotel rcd 965bx and supernait 2 . playing monty alexander goin yard and the sense of presence is pretty amazing , hit the jackpot i think with this setup . really enjoyed the audionote room at bristol and this set up is a small taster of that one .

got the room sounding better with a big rug and curtains up now


Edds old Aleph 5’s now warming up the lounge plugged into Boenickes just to compare with the MA-5’s.


They take about 30 mins to stabilise in temperature.


They won’t (can’t :grimacing:) stay in the lounge anyway. Their final destination is the man cave to drive the Impulses for now and hopefully very soon a pair of Avantgardes…


wow , avantgardes … look forward to hearing more


Avantgarde’s ! Kate’s favourite speakers


Shiny attenuator is shiny.


Khozmic, man.