Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Apparently, the EPC-P202C has a Boron cantilever, too.

Well I never :0


New amp to try with the Neats, a Plinius 9200 - wasn’t expecting to like it having read all the reviews but first impressions are very good.

The remote is the most mental thing I have come across - so unnecessary.


Not sure what’s worse, the size of that remote or that you actually bought HIFI+


That copy is about 10 years old maybe much older - 2005 in fact.
I only bought it for the music reviews (honest) and have to say it introduced me to some of my favourite artists - Nickel Creek, Krista Detor, Roseanne Cash etc.


It’s usually a nob next to a remote isn’t it?
Refreshing to see a magazine.

Not that I browse odd places, like


I like the remote, and subscribe to HiFiPlushy (the ‘e’ version)

I sincerely hope that makes me a very, very bad person.


Should be arriving on friday, haven’t had a SS DAC for a while so should be interesting :slight_smile:




I’m struggling to think of a DAC that sounds more different to the Border Patrol DAC you have/had.


All dacs sound the same. Keith said.


All digital sounds the same.


All amps sound the same.


Nice DAC that


A great thing to say when he sells dacs


I really wanted an MQA compatible DAC as MQA is the dogs bollocks.


Don’t think you’ll be disappointed, I love mine.




Very strongly disagree.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

And the Plinius is bloody superb - a lovely French bargain.:sunglasses::fr:




I bought it from a French hi-fi forum.