Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


It was £1,850 new and is 52W into 8 Ohms per channel, enough. Good ones seem to go for peanuts, in my case £200.


But they’re probably best done with the DSP volume controls. The amp ones are best used to match the sensitivity of the drivers.

@ICHM I have an ebay saved search now. I’d never even heard of it.


If you want to borrow it at the summer slam in Lopwell, I can bring it.


I’ve stopped using ebay for saving searches and use Hifishark which includes ebay and a whole host more.



Coming along nicely.


It quite red, do they do another colour?


Paradise orange.

It’s a sort of red. Similar.


I like blue, blue is for boys :+1:




I thought more sexist.


Definitely Colourist


Green led’s, be more PRAT with those :+1:


And with enough power supplies etc to need at least five boxes for it to be moar betterer than the bestest yet. Perhaps one filled with foo-air for shits 'n giggles as there seems to be a well supplied vendor on PFM



That’s a trible thing to say :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oooo red boards - love ‘em. Always had a yen for an ARC SP8 with the red board :grinning:


New streamlined system with combined amp/dac.

Pretty good if a little bit ‘lean’ compared to the Plinius and Audiobyte setup, but needs must.:weary:


Sorry for being thick, but what is the amp please?


Some American JoB by, I believe.


It’s a Job Sys Integrated.

Job are basically a direct sales arm of Goldmund based in Switzerland.