Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Some American JoB by, I believe.


It’s a Job Sys Integrated.

Job are basically a direct sales arm of Goldmund based in Switzerland.


I have the power only Job 225, be interested to know how you rate the dac when you’ve had a bit of time with it.


All DACs sound the same. Keith told me.


Which is what I’ve offered for the one that’s just popped up on the bay…


Take a look at the back, there is some sort of liquid spill.


Mechanics in the house.
IMG_4264 by mark leatherland, on Flickr


Very nice indeed - what’s the cartridge, please?




Shelter 501, the Koetsu that was on it is knackered, but that’s another story.


Is it a mk2 Mark?


Looks like a mk3 to me same as mine


It’s a Mk3, got it for the arm, been 8 years searching for a Mechanic.

Are there any essentials I need to know Nick, apart form it’s a bugger to put the belt on :smiley:

Does anyone know how to ID silver? The box of tat the seller offloaded on me looks like silver foil speaker ?cables?


Make sure the damping in the towers is set up correctly :+1:


Did you win it? I think you may get yours before mine, as the lazy fucker hasn’t even posted it yet.


On mine I hold the sub platter down a little, start the motor then gradually raise it to normal position but it is a PITA.


Yeah, my seller is despatching it today :kissing_heart:


Arrived today, like a loud radio


Stick them on top of your car and shout at people


Hang them up & add a sub. Job done!