Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Like a pair of Pat Butcher’s earrings.


Have you turned in to Drew Pritchard? :slight_smile:

Looks like something he would buy…lovely patina…




There is no patina, they’re brand new.

I love 'em and would have had 'em if I had the disposible. Bollocks to fashion - they’re just mental, in good way.


I was alluding to the fact that they look like industrial lights and that’s what Drew says.


And I was being a cunt.


Hang them from the trees at Lowell for “Reveille”


Never stop, I don’t like change :relieved:


I have some JBL EON1500 for that fella. I was going to put them in Graeme’s car and play some prog at 05.00 :scream:


About 3W seems fairly loud with these, the Kelvin Labs is only 15W. My guess is that they go down to about 400Hz, so a sub would have to go really high, most seem to stop at about 120Hz.


Music to sleep to … :grin:.



Not at 120dB fella. :laughing::exploding_head:


Yep, they are purely for voiceband PA, so makes sense. Fine for listening to the radio in the kitchen and suchlike.

I literally wouldn’t know how…



Sweet. Pioneer R2Rs are reely (sorry…) nice. I’d love a RT-909.


I deliberately chose a 707 over the 909 - more reliable and easier to fix with no unobtainium parts.


I get that, but big reels…:heart_eyes:


Yeah but, tell me again which tapes you’re gonna be playing on the big reels?

Besides I’ve got the Sony for that :+1:


Amp seems to work. It’s heavy.


Audiosector DAC arrived today.