Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Mine arrived today, must unpack it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Mine looks more shiny


First impressions? :relaxed:


Hard to know, I’ve been playing it too loud as it’s new.


Do the volume controls go down to zero? I was going to test mine with just a CDP and speakers. :scream:

OK chickened out and used a Hafler DH101 pre and British Loudspeakers BLQ2.3…

The volume controls do go down to zero. :rofl:


On mine, channels 1 & 2 sound OK, but the best channels are 3 & 4 followed by 5 & 6. Strange.

Just went through them again and 3 & 4 are definitely best.


Have you tried it with the Shakti stone on top to see if it makes any difference?


Moar Trollier



Probably about the same difference as a counter rotating platter. :laughing:


I’m the 007 of AA - I have a license to troll :gun:


No doubt you have a silent but deadly license to kill.



Excellent, another rich inner world


“Your inside is out when your outside is in
Your outside is in when your inside is out”


Shouldn’t that be in the cricket thread?


Would it make more sense there? :grin:

It was more a comment on Matt’s rich inner worlds not necessarily being er, inner.


Stronzetto read this aloud three times and retired to his pen early. I’ve just noticed he has stolen a weeks ration of Evo. I’m certain he is foraging among his five remaining brain cells for an enlightened response.


This Rega NEO TTPSU seems to be quite a serious upgrade on its predecessor


Why did I just read that as uhu?


I once tried to ween him with

12 minutes into ‘treatment’ he became quite lucid and said "You have food, masturbation and air to thrive, I have “God’s honey… You are not God, don’t fuck with me”

An interesting and deluded position but when he starting biting and throwing his dung, it was clear he wasn’t quite ‘ready’ for meaningful change.


“Acid free”, too… As if… :roll_eyes: