Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


He’s not the only one :expressionless:


I’m currently playing CDs through a Micromega bitstream DAC. I must say, i’m mightily impressed.


One of Tuff Bob’s favourite bits of kit, I believe.


I’m happy to say that it works really well with non-tuffbob music as well. :slight_smile:


I’ve always really enjoyed that one :+1:



Thorens mk2 TD124 with Groovemaster 2 tonearm (titanium arm and silver wire)

Motor was taking about 5-15 minutes to get up to speed so stripped and cleaned it with Gunk. Fitted new brass bushes, felt pads, thrust pads and suspension springs.

Bloody lovely.


Good but it’d have been nice to hear it playing.


Was only an iphone and those youtube videos of TT’s playing always sound shite so didn’t bother.


Have some photos instead

Plinth was only £100 from the US until I can afford a posh one.


Those arms do look bloody ridiculous. Still kind of want one though…


The 12" one doesn’t (more like an EMT 997) but the shorter ones do imho.


Have never had 12" before :smirk::smirk: so have nothing to compare it to but it tracks really well.

The TD124 doesn’t have the thumping bass of the PT1 but the detail and dynamics are fucking good, have never heard an idler TT before so it’s all very new and surprisingly good.


Plinth looks a bargain for £100


Looking good!


Well, it’s a belt and an idler and a clutch and lots of pulleys and I love ‘em. Had four in my time and the best was a 124II with 3012. Unlike Garrards and other heavy metal jobs the 124 is really musical to me, with a lovely bounce. I always liked the bottom end because it lets you know what the bass player is doing without being OTT. Lots of advice around but I found it critical to refresh or replace the rubber gromits under the circlips on the motor mounting pins. Also the big yellow capacitor for the motor under the front edge of the deck must be in good nick or you’ll have a very hot motor indeed. A lot of people bolt the top plate down hard to plinths but I always liked the rubber mushrooms and new ones are available now. Similarly, the alloy top platter and Thorens mat I always liked. Enjoy - still miss mine.


Meridian stands built and bolted to the speakers and plugged into my main system without help from the subs. Enjoying them tbh. Meridian M20s that Keith sold to me.


Looking good. I always liked the old Meridian actives


They look really smart :+1:


The M20s really need these stands, so much better on them rather than ordinary stands, not sure if it is the angle or the fact they are bolted on to the foam filled stands.