Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


I guess they were designed as a system. The angle will no doubt help dispersion into the room, and the foam helps deaden the steel ringing :slight_smile:


No Shakti pron :disappointed_relieved:


Which is why the second photo is blurred. Putting one back in would snap the image back into focus…


I’ve had another wan…look and all is right with the world


Finally got some cheap new speakers.

Heco Celan 300 which always impressed me when I listened to them at Nicks (myrman).
I even borrowed the stands Nick used to use with them.:grinning:


Love mine.

Cheap, but really good for the money.


Liked the pair I had a while back :+1:


SJS MM phono stage.

Arrived knackered thanks to a fuckwit courier but have managed to repair it myself.

@sjs you weren’t lying about that AN silver wire being a bastard to solder, those individual strands are thinner than mosquito pubes.

Untitled by The Biglebowski, on Flickr


Do you use the +2db terminals?

I find them much more engaging in that mode, though in an ideal world I wish it was maybe +1.5db instead.


No, in my very small room I found them too much.


I can understand that - it is just a touch too much in my room but I definitely prefer it’ll the standard config.


Dual psu top

Dual mono paradise boards bottom, with Calvin buffers and foo resistors.


:+1: Looking good Steve


Not here yet.
Just need a little help from a friend to CNC the front to accommodate a power switch and an led (on psu, not the phono box). It’s 10mm thick so needs a decent job doing.

And maybe a logo?


That’ll look really smart.


Does it sound good?


Very tidy work :+1:



I haven’t got it yet. Still with the chap who built it for me.


The new-to-me shiny things currently bathing my ears.

Valvet Ls1 power supply and preamp, with E182CC valve (centre)

Valvet E1r monos.

New photo by B 2T


That is just the bestest photography dat is :rofl: