Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Not so very bad for a first effort. Didn’t expect the software to make its own crop.

Still trying.


Now that’s betterer :slight_smile:


Thankyouyer. :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice. Do like small-box kit :+1:


and i like the chopping board stand , i use loads of them to make stands etc


Dug out the Meridian M3s, still prefer these to any other Meridian speaker. They are sat on top of the M20s, with soft silicone feet.




No, it is silicon, a special type of foo isolation feet, and not cheap either…


I bow to your pedantry. :roll_eyes:


/pedant on
Silicon = rigid, brittle
Silicone = soft, rubbery (or oil)
Cost of either depends mainly on foo factor (and/or gullibility)
/pedant off


In my case pennies as they are drawer bumps.


I’m disappointed - suggest you sell them on as Magic Blobs (guaranteed to improve sound) - say £10 each


Clearly no ambition. They are cryogenically treated and then demagnstised before being treated with mpingo oil.

A snip at £700 a foot.

Or in my case £1.99 posted from China for 200.


Why does the R/H speaker need a chimney, not an NVA in disguise is it?


Ed wired it up?


As usual Bob is very on trend with the latest must have - The Barbie-fi


That my son, is the latest in air cooling systems for the re-designed type 45 valve amps now installed in that speaker. No more transistor’y class A/B for me and my M3s, no sir’ee, we now have right channel 2.5W valve power.


I bow to your intimate knowledge of the foo market :grin:



Be careful the feet don’t mark the top of the M20’s. Sadly got that badge many years ago although on a much light wood.