Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Moved them to stands and they sound worse :roll_eyes:


Try using rubberized phlegm - it has special properties


I don’t have audiophile ears and probably not able to tell the difference. It’s all wasted on me.


Mechanics new home
IMG_4303 by mark leatherland, on Flickr

And new nail
IMG_4305 by mark leatherland, on Flickr

Koetsu Rosewood Sig, rebuilt by Goldring.


Happy days!


(Or two plain boxes).

It’s as good as the hype. Dialed in and load set up, it’s eerily silent and wonderfully musical.

I do need some feet of some sort to stick on the boxes. Any suggestions? Nothing foo. Just something to lift them off the glass.

#3840 :wink:


I use the ones in the link above,just pick the right weight.


Is it true that Sodders does an AA version, for the extra hefty?


Arrived, it all works fine.

Either will be for my bedroom or the spare room at my parents. Will let wife decide.


mmm yummy






Anyone got any experience or comment on a Bryston 4b3 power amp?

Looking for something powerful and with plenty of current to power the Boenicke W8.

Poggie has one and it might be a decent shout to replace my current 300w monos.


Built well, sounds very boring. Why do you need so much power? My experience of class D is that 300w per channel into real speakers sounds like 30w.

Lots of good quality class A amps out there.


81.5db Sensitive and 4 ohm nominal load.


Only Bryston power amp I have heard was very clean and sterile.
Assuming you are talking £2-3k then Pass, Karan, Modwright, even Krell, would be on my list.


Heard a few Bryston amps, and never got on with them. Yep, they have ample power and will probably drive anything, but, as Bob & Paul say, they are very sterile and, to my ears, soulless. I’ve heard the Boenickes, and can imagine Pass would be a good combination.


I nearly bought when after I flogged all the Roksan amps and before I discovered valves, and I (like others have mentioned) found it flat and sterile.


Bryston - power, check. Flat, sterile and brittle sound , check.

Been there, done that.

Odd test report on the W8s. Yep they’re inefficient, but surely not that low?

I get good results and plenty of volume with a pair of 30w class A MA-5s. Alephs sound probably even better.

I’d be tempted by a 60w stereo Aleph clone if i were you @sap7