Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


And 2 lovely oto on forums at the moment


15 or 30 watt aleph, or F5 would likely work well too :slight_smile:


so the bloody thing won’t fit my rack



Time to get one of these:


They are bigger than you think !


Ah yes forgot it was the size of a battleship…


Can’t beat a bit of rough


Only one now :wink:


What do you think? I have a 925 first generation DVD from Sony.


Not played any dvd’s on it,but the cd player sounds very good.
Think i have a couple of sacd’s in the loft i will have to try.


Fits the thread title - secondhand but unused


Supposed to be good them is :+1:. Be interested in your thoughts!


I’m really liking this new arrival, somewhat to my surprise… not what I expected at all


Disco cartridge for disco deck :grin:



Which model is it? (the cart)


Nice deck. Very pleased with my 1200G.



Ortofon Concorde Pro S with Stylus 40 tracking at 1.5gms with 1.2 bias. Tracks really well. I’m squirting it into the phono stage of an Audio Research SP8. Played the Mofi Desire - after a bit of electronic stuff to make it feel at home - and was so impressed.

The T-shirt and Technics hoodie are on their way, apparently…


I used to use the Pro S with a stylus 30, again pretty good on the techy.