Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Yep - seems the 30 is more highly thought of than the 40 by some. Came across a 40 first so that’s what it got. It seems very quiet in the groove so not sure what all the comments about the 40 being noisier are.


I have a MC200 Concorde and I like it very much, but it’s stupid low output.


Anyone got experience with chord preamps?
Considering a swap for a Chord Prima, with my ProJect RS pre and power supply sold on…

To get one box and a device that has different gain settings per input and that remembers the one you use when turned on!


Welcome to the Techy Massive, innit :grin::ok_hand::+1:


Picked up a second SP10 as a bit of a too good to pass on. Needs the switch sorting and one of mine will then go up for sale.
Both are in good nick and happy with them…




Chord are fine if you can’t hear anything above 10 Khz but they sound dry and screechy to me.


Had a Prima - very pretty but sounded bang average and the remote was crap.


Guess I’ll stick with the project then!
Sounds lovely but I’m lazy and selecting the fourth input every time I turn it on gets annoying :man_shrugging:t2:


If it’s convenient it’s not hifi :+1:


Move the cables to the first input or is that too difficult?


Is that a ‘domestic’ sample with 1 psu box?


Chord, meh, £1k for a midi killing device, leave well alone.


The fourth input is balanced and designed for low gain devices like phono stages.



My system has received a large injection of Class A oomph courtesy of this not-so-new Plinius SA-50 Mark 3. The amplifier is in lovely condition and gives that little bit more bottom end than the Rank Concept monos I was using. Also, I quite like the Darth Vader vibe it provides.

I’m also experimenting with a HiFiBerry Raspberry Pi setup that means I have moved to Roon, so a new DAC beckons after the next set of toys arrives.


Do the street lights dim when you turn it up?

Me like :+1:


Re-wire the inputs?


looks a bit hurty. Is it possible to mover without lacerations?


Foo amp stand as well.


Well, if anyone’s gonna know …