Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Moth antenna cooling fins



Finite Element don’t you know, bought on the el cheapo. I have two for when the monoblocks are deployed

Not as hard to shift as something like @Jim’s old Alephs. It is only 30Kg :face_with_raised_eyebrow: and the handles are actually useful as handles which is a novelty with these kind of amps.


I know, as I have a rack from them.


Perfect summer amp :heart_eyes:


Much cooler than the Rank Concepts. They put out loads of heat. I’ll need some proper amps for Winter though :thinking:.


ooh I feel a trip beckoning, monster amp!
am looking at streaming and I like Roon at lot (presently through a dirt cheap Chinese DAC and it still blows Spotify et al away)


New amp - Clones Audio 25irh



Is there a UK distributor, or did you import it yourself?


I got it ex-dem from a Danish dealer through ebay.:sunglasses:
I’ve had the two previous iterations of the amp and it’s fair to say I am a fan. Small but perfectly formed.

These people say they are the UK distributor:


When next week you move it on, I may be interested. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:




I’ll be sure to give you the Man Utd fan discount.:smirk:


In all seriousness it’s bloody impressive for such a cute little box.




Sales mode activated.


Black and redness for the Techie courtesy Dynavector - works well in the 1200G arm


I’m really liking my new DCB1 buffer. Great job @edd9000.


Very very smart.


After totally screwing up, with my 5W Nelson Pass Amp, got me some more pure Class A watts.

Excuse the crappy phone pic.

Thanks to everyone (Simon, Mike, Darren) for getting it to me, mucho appreciated.


If it’s proper class A, It won’t last very long stuck in there. Unless you want to cook it, I suggest moving it into free space.