Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


It is proper Class A Pete, and you’re right, it gets rather warm rather quickly.


In which case, needs way more space around it.


What is it? Only viewing on a phone & all I can see is NEW.


On it Pete, will be in free space shortly :slight_smile:


It’s a Nirvana Electronic Works A60 Guy, 60W / Ch pure Class A.

Apparently a dual 30W Nelson Pass design.


What speakers are you using with it?


At the moment, my Heco Celan 300’s, which do sound pretty good, I must say.


Not surprised. Good on tone.


VERY good tbh and bass is pretty fast and tight too.


If it sounds great now, just imagine how good it could be if you put some Musical Bliss sound improvers in & on it…


Don’t thinkI could take any more Nirvana, tbh.


Oh yes you can

Get yourself over to the foo corner


It says 160w maximum on the back on the photos on line, at 60w per channel that’s not very class A. Its probably class A to 10-20w depending on the design. I don’t think these were a Pass design either.

Its probably fine in the shelf :smiley:

Neat looking thing though.



They seem to be a bit of a rare beast, with not a lot of info online. Of what there is, about 50% say NP design and all say pure Class A. :confused:

The heat it generates, within about 15 minutes of switch on, would suggest that it is fairly heavily Class A biased.

It certainly needs to be in free space, too.


There is a lot of marketing gibberish about class A. The 30w amps I build are class A to 30w, and are the efficient later Aleph design, they pull over 180w at idle and probably have larger heat sinks than that amp. And I’d run that in a shelf (I do) because meh, what is 60-70 degrees to decent electronics :wink:


You can, I promise. I highly recommend them, and put one of the small improvers in each ear when listening to Naim systems. It’s amazing how much the whole experience improves.



I run my amps between Crikey and Bloody hot :slight_smile:


About half the lifetime of 50-60 degrees.


Shush you.