Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


A good way of removing any temptation for foo capacitors?


The beeswax would smell lovely.



Worth their weight in Gold then :slight_smile:




Just bought this to replace my Moth. Keith Monks discOvery Mini One.


Looks suspiciously like a Technics, perhaps try a Tenuto mat on it.


VTA looks a bit high…


VTA is the least of the issues. I’m going to replace the tonearm. That one sucks…



Does it suck dick?


Does it blow up when wet?


No, but it IS slippery.


Dug out some old friends after selling a pair of speakers.

Acoustic Precision FR1 speakers, fast as fuck.


This arrived today

I bought it ex-dem with less than 5 hours use from Mik at Unique Audio. The plan being to trade in my SME 310.

Here it is mounted on my deck.

Crushing disappointment. I can’t get the Kiseki to set up properly. The Sony is cut for a 10" arm. The Series V is right at the end of its travel and it’s 3mm too far away to get the overhang right. I know others have succeeded in mounting a 9" SME on my deck but obviously not with a Kiseki. I gambled and lost.

Anyway, I’ve decided to turn lemons into lemonade. Mik was very understanding about the issue. He couldn’t have been more helpful and I just decided to buy the arm outright. Really top guy.

The plan is to put the 310 and Kiseki back on the Sony for now. I’m going to buy a new deck to take the Series V and Kiseki. Thinking about an SP10 obviously but other suggestions welcome. Anyone selling a nice clean SP10 please get in touch.


Did you buy the Perreaux from Stuart? Stonking bargain I thought.


Yes I did :slightly_smiling_face:


@SAP7 might have a nice SP10 unit going spare?


Not that I’m playing top trumps today, but I’m looking for any reason why I shouldn’t swap my mono block Cyrus X300 signatures for

A new Perreaux 255i integrated (ex review unit), with the phono and DAC modules included (won’t get used, but may help resale).

Before I commit, any reason not to? Cuts my boxes from four to one and adds power.


Basically any excuse to be rid of Cyrus boxes is good enough for most people :+1:


Seems perfect