Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


I do like them. They are powerful and quite musical. I’ve not really heard the other amps they sell but these do cost a wedge and seem to be steady at used prices.

And they sell easily. Plenty of buyers. Never seen a pair hang about when up for sale.

This swap involves cash too, but not as much as I’d expected. Maybe just the fear of going from monos to integrated.

Less foo mains cables may help :smirk:


I’m not convinced that SMEV & SP10 is necessarily a match made in heaven.


I did read this somewhere:

“Perreaux amps have ALWAYS looked great, on paper. It’s the sound quality, when driving real-world loudspeakers, with music, that has been their downfall. Their use of MOSFETs is their Achile’s Heel. The Plinius and the Cyrus use BJTs. BJTs are much better than MOSFETs, UNLESS the MOSFETs are very heavily biased. Perreaux do not bias their MOSFETs particularly hard.”

Knowing knack all about amp gubbins I’m not sure what to make of it… any knowledgeable folk here care to comment on how mosfet May differ from what I have? Maybe can of worms… unless there are any really clear benefits or compromises with either.


Those are the ones you brought to Des’s place (Sheffield) a few years back aren’t they? Loved them!
Weren’t they Polystyrene boxes or something very light weight?


Yes they are the same ones. Rearranging the stuff and found them again. Sound as good as I remember.


Bring em’ to my bakeoff?






Agreed. From a shackledragger too.

The more you read, the more confused you will get as you will start to read opinions of people with agendas and who talk out of their arse.

If you are spending serious money, go have a listen and make your mind up, there is no substitute for this. FFS your speakers are small enough to take with you.


If you aren’t going to use the DAC and phono just buy a Karan KAI-180.
Much the best integrated for £1500-2000. Or £4k for a MK2 if you are feeling flush.

Ignore the cunts who will post to say otherwise.:rage:


What happens if you move the arm board by 90 degrees (one screw around) and move the arm nearest to the spindle on the armboard?


It’s not 500 giga watts to power the thin slab speakers.


It will control them way better than the Perreaux or Cyrus.


I know.
I am acutely aware of the fact google will find any opinion in any form on any subject.
As for the ability to demo it’s rules out by the deal on offer.
I am asking for a week cool off to let me see when they arrive.
Other than that the integrated relieves me of my pre amp (only a volume for the turntable) and tidies everything up from four plugs to one.

Thanks for the reassurance. Helps to know there’s nothing obvious!




And the Perreaux - I’ve bad numerous Perreauxs down the years if you remember and liked them a lot but the Karan is much better, especially when it comes to difficult speakers.

All in my opinion obviously. I was going to say imho but I am never knowingly humble.:rofl:


Nicely made, but somewhat dull sounding kit Karan.


Not much love for Cyrus round here. Think they are too small and convenient to be any good. You need big, heavy, hot and definitely no remote :smiley:


I had @Myrman’s Karan for a very short while and didn’t find it dull at all.


Dull as boring, not interesting, yawn inducing, :carousel_horse: