Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


The 255i is incoming.
I can return if it doesn’t float my boat.

About 600w into 4 ohms measured power. Should be just right to rattle some windows.




look forward to hearing how you get on ,


Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately I already had the arm off the deck by the time I saw your post so I’ll never know. I’m not sure it would have worked due to the metal ring around the Sony’s platter. I just don’t think the arm can get close enough with the Kiseki to align regardless of orientation as the armboard is hard up against the ring. Here’s a pic with my 310 to illustrate the problem.


And one for me :smiley:

Main difference is I don’t have a fancy Khozmo attenuator. But I do have a see through lid :smiley:


That is Teribil, no?




What terribil is I’m still at work!
May help pay for today’s foo indulgence.


less blurry photo :smiley:


Is it on fire? :thinking:


LED strings for voltage reference, 16 of them :slight_smile:


Not an NVA design then? :smiley:


No, but I built it so there is always slight risk of electrocution, third degree burns, maiming and or death.


Sounds ideal :+1:


A bit better pic and now with room to breathe

Sounds wonderful :slight_smile:


Not that it means much but, I’ve never seen an amp constructed quite like this :thinking: -


Much, much quieter and quicker than the Moth.



The RCM gets it’s own foo plinth.


I got twofers on the Finite Element amp stands. Obviously my veils are lifted in a spotless fashion.


‘Tis majestic.

Literal wet dream.