Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Finite stands do lend themselves to other purposes. I have my TV on one. I was impressed to note Stu put his Christmas tree on one I lent him a while ago.


I wonder if a Schumann resonator sellotaped to the back of the RCM would be overkill, or the ultimate in dirtbusting tech?


When shall I bring the records round then? :grinning:


There is scaffolding all over my house. I’m told it has the same effect on builders as garlic or daylight has on a vampire.

Bung me a PM if you want to clean some vinyl. Same goes for anyone else.


You’re on the right track but the resonators should be deployed with reverence and precision. I have them suspended at critical points on titanium wire from the apex of grand focusing pyramid 1.


Id consider insulating those floating junctions, looks like they could short the outputs should they touch something. It could just be the output wiring has been “upgraded” at some point.

The rest looks normal enough.


Oh yeah,I understand that :+1:


The wiring is pretty rigid, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt :+1:


Yeah it looks solid enough but a bit of tape is an easy fix. One of them is a ground anyway but the positive speaker output won’t be happy touching things.


Can you tag @Valvebloke in it to make him twitch a bit.


Your thoughts Graeme @Valvebloke ?


I can’t see any valves.

Seriously though, I would insulate the screwed ring-terminal joints in the speaker wiring, if only for peace of mind.

Behind them and slightly closer to the top of the picture I can see what look like small multi-fingered heatsinks, but I can’t see what they’re cooling. If they’re active devices then it’s possible that they’ve been electrically separated from the heatsinks by an insulating kit. But if they haven’t then it could be that they are carrying significant voltages and therefore shouldn’t be allowed to come into electrical contact with anything else.

It looks like there’s a red wire running from the socket in the centre of the rear panel to the single-pole switch on the front panel. I’m guessing the socket is the mains inlet and the switch is the power switch. The red wire looks like it’s been pulled pretty tight. It’s probably OK, but if it’s carrying mains live then I’d be happier if I knew it had a little slack in it (maybe it does, in the vertical direction which we can’t see in the pic). I also can’t see the earth wire. Is it the blue one which could be lying exactly underneath the red one and is therefore hidden from our view ? If so then is it connected to the stud just above the mains transformer which also carries the yellow twisted pair from the transformer ? If so then that should be OK too. Earth wires are conventionally green and yellow though.



Thanks for your input Graeme.

I’m sort of getting the impression that it’s a little Heathkit for a $1700 commercially produced product, although it does feel pretty high quality. Yes, the Blue wire is the earth.

N.E.W. are a US company; maybe their electrical regs aren’t as strict as ours.


A good soak test would be enough for peace of mind. Have you tried it in the bath?


Sounds like a plan :blush:


Looks pretty normal to me, particularly considering the vintage.


Christ on a bike! :flushed:

Call me a pansy but I would NOT be plugging that in, in my house!




I’ve insulated the screwed ring-terminal joints Adam, other than that it’s OK.

It’s a commercially produced (USA), $1700 power amp.


Currently trying some Mordaunt Short MS35ti stand mounts I had in the loft,they don’t look much but they sound lovely! I don’t have the matching stands though.