Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


I think I’ve got a pair of those and the MS10 (?) i’s in the loft.


we use a tiny pair of ms aviano 1 in our dining room and they are not bad at all


40 years young, weighs 12lbs and operates beautifully with silent controls. It started a classic look for Audio Research preamps which lasted until recently but as a solid state piece was quite notorious. I’ll just say I’ve been listening to it for four hours now and I don’t want to turn it off… and I don’t have to!


I think they’re great speakers - just missed out on a pair myself so bought a pair of B&W DM110i’s for the princely sum of £25 and love 'em. :+1:


So, whose Perreaux is going to turn up first today? Place your bets.





They haven’t even got my old amps yet. New 225i won’t be in post until mid week.
I’ve got holes at home…


You could always buy a pair of vintage and class A Marantz monoblocks to tide you over until then :slightly_smiling_face:


Need to sell first :smirk:

Need revyuzzzz


You could try my Stello - as in this review

I might even be persuaded to sell it


Disaster mate, don’t do it, it sounds terrible :confounded:



:confused: or :hugs:

Don’t mess with me. It’s not a done deal yet. My amps are still at home and they are coming by five


Hah I’m just kidding mate :joy:

Diffferent presentation to the class A Marantz so still trying to get my head around it.

You can output straight from the preamp stage so I’ll do a comparison later with it plugged into the MA-5s

Initial impressions, very low noise and clear sound, tight bass grip. Maybe give away a little in overall dynamics and vocals to the MA-5s but I’ll need to do a proper comparison.


All amplifiers sound the same.


So many words.

So few pictures.


But is it any good or not.

That’s what the world is waiting for.

(Well, maybe me and one or two causal observers)



Surprised there is room for it with all that vinyl you’ve been buying