Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Pleased to report that it sounds quite good and drives the dinky Fisher Price speakers to ear splitting volume without breaking up.


Quite good is a bit… meh.


It’s not adequate though, is it ?


Meh. Insufficient heat fins, sharp protrusions, danger, excess tonnage, and fugly for any chance of adequacy.


More speakers dug out of the store, JBL L86


You’ll have to wait and find out for yourself won’t you :wink:



I’m finally home from work after a looooong week and I’ve got no tunes. I need vicarious hifi in the form of comparisons with your class A things.


Only listened to a few tracks from Ziggy and John Grant ‘Pale Green Ghosts’. Volume matched about 82db. There wasn’t much in it to be honest, maybe the MA-5s were a bit darker and preferable on Ziggy tracks (quite a brightly produced album imo, so that worked better). On PGG it was more even. I think the Perreaux had tighter bass control and maybe lit up some of the background synth bass, whereas the MA-5 either pushed more bass or more likely there was a bit of bloat but it works on Black Belt as a track.

So there you are - different but hard to say which is better. I suspect that the preamp section is cleaner on the Perreaux (both amps used this in this comparison). If I can be arsed I’ll compare the preamps through either power section tomorrow.


I hate you very much :angry:.

P.s Can you bring those along too, they might never leave my house though :grin:


It appears one bigger woof beats 2 little ones, DD12 replaces 2x Rel Strata 5’s.
IMG_4362 by mark leatherland, on Flickr


Biggererer is morerer = bettererer :+1:


Very nice.


It’s not that one bigger beats two smaller. It’s just that absolutely anything beats REL!


One bigger woof beats two little ones (sorry…)



Been using Cyrus speaker cable terminations. One of my Atlas ones is bust and I need something for the Perreaux that’s just arrived as the existing don’t fit.

Have to be bare wire screwed in on one for now :see_no_evil:.

Need urgent recommendations for decent connectors. Or someone who has spare and is close!!


The world is your Oyster*

*Unless you want overpriced audiophile crap.


It’s at times like this I need to order amazon prime same day delivery stuff!
Or a drive to a hifi shop.


@Mrs_Maureen_OPinion come on sell the man some shiny.


RS deliver next (working) day for free these days. Or you can pick them up on Corby, lol.

Where are you based, btw?


Need now!
Preferable ones that don’t rattle.
I thought I had a bust speaker until I figured the black atlas sheath was loose on my speaker end connectors!

On amazon looking. Can’t be arsed to drive anywhere. Got a lump to connect up

In Nottm. I’ll survive with a bare wire screwed in for one.
Just ordered a load of stuff from cpc as well!!