Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Lol, you need drone delivery.


Same day delivery. Same item.
Just need one inner though!

Suspect I can get a non branded inner that is hopefully the same diameter.


Sounds better without connectors anyway.


Pack of four fisual bananas
Same day delivery
Under a fiver. Done

No worries about bare wires now. The proper inner can wait. I though bananas had been banned in the EU?


Just bent ones.


Sounds just a little bit good…
Effortless, as one review put it.


Needs painting black :+1:




The bass is a bit special.


Another satisfied listener drops Cyrus :slightly_smiling_face:.

I dragged my AG horns into the lounge yesterday as nephew wanted to hear them in a bigger room and play the records he’d bought with me at the local record shop. Had the Perreaux plugged in to the UNOs and it sounded fabulous. Nephew had grin ear to ear and we sat and played records for 6 hours straight as he wanted ‘just one more’! His faves were ‘Blue Monday’, Billie Jean’ and John Grant.

His parents are in for a shock!


John grant. It booms… great test tracks for the first couple of songs
The W8 don’t mind some whallop up them do they?
My dogs are scared though. Big of tinkering to come.


Pale green ghosts I assume? Great album.


Yeah Billy loved the W8s at window bending volumes but once the AGs came in the room there was no going back.

Yep @Bolts it was indeed PGG - he bought a copy within a minute of the first track starting :slightly_smiling_face:


Maybe I should give this a listen!


It’s a great album :slight_smile:


I’ll give it a listen tonight.


I didn’t get on with it.

Must try again.


I’m going to try it with my new SUT :wink:


Bought from a local auction house yesterday.

Needed a bit of a clean, new phono plugs on arm lead & a mains plug but sounding very nice with a contemporary Shure M3D.


First try at schiit audio , little saga passive hybrid valve arrived today to use with firebottle mono . first impressions slightly smoother than velleman pre and sparkling treble . they cost 360 new so not bad vfm

eLFjmVv by , on Flickr