Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Not new but combo of Perreaux and AGs in lounge.


Nice. Mine had Blue Horns. :grin:


VTA looks a bit low.




home made or bought in?




One horn either side of the bay - now where have I seen that before? :grinning:




Isn’t that DD15?


It is. Been looking for a DD15 or DD18 for quite some time, this one was the right pricing and condition. Collect it Wednesday. Realistically the DD18 is too big and heavy :scream::scream::scream::scream:

I was tempted by the 1812 as well.

Not looking forward to setting it up, as I hate those EQ things.


The auto setup is painless, it does need connecting to a screen though, then adjust volume to suit .
At some point I’ll plug it between pre/power and see how it works cutting the main speakers bass, see if it integrates any better?


New speakers - Proac Tablette Anniversary.

Tiny compared to the Heco’s but a very similar sound, just a teeny bit more precise and snappy. I need to turn my amp up a fair bit more with the Proacs. Very nice indeed.:+1:


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The refinement of box swapping is one of natures greatest wonders. The more you swap the smaller the kit gets as you subliminally realize lumping big stuff is not fun. Endgame = walkman


new owner for perreaux


Replaced one of these:

With one of these:

Will use the MM side with the ANS3 SUT for a few days and then try the MC circuits. Quite pleased on first impressions.


From Italy…
Finally got one (with a Mogami cable)…


The schiit saga in valve buffer mode is most certainly a hit , seems to really gel with firebottle monos and the separation of instruments is really good , listening to some tracks has that realism that sometimes scares you . most definately an amazing combo with the horns


Passive preamp with 0.5dB steps arrived today. I’ve been using attenuators with my new Valvet monoblocks and preamp, but this arrangement will hopefully give more flexibility. Or I’m fussy about certain things. :slightly_smiling_face:

Getting the volume level to just right for hours of listening is probably more difficult in a smaller room.

New photo by B 2T


you have exceedingly good taste