Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Pioneer Pl590 :heart_eyes:


Honestly, the meters on the PLC-590 and the MT-10 are for speed indication, and not output level. Have another go!

FWIW, I can think of turntable, phono stage, preamplifier, power amplifier, CD player, tuner, cassette deck, and speakers with VU meters. Plus those funky headphones. I might even add on another dedicated VU meter unit as well, just tor the hell of it.

I think I’d only be lacking a DAC!



Meters are a bit small but, hell, it would do the job!





EDIT: Oops ! It seems both spellings are legit.



Prepare yourselves for some reel (see what I did there) Hifi porn. I present to you the Allo Digione Signature Rpi3+ based streamer.

Two power supplies, one for the ‘dirty’ pi, one for the ‘clean’ isolated output board. Using batteries for the clean input (for some faff, ‘cause supposed to sound best). Massive pride of ownership moment, just look at that acrylic case.


Haven’t you got it upside down?


wondered why it was only streaming Side B.


Hope you put the batteries in the correct way.


£50 digital cable, you foo loving lad


Yep, seen the dramatic Darko video, prefer to just use two and have two others charging.
Early days (I am a firm believer in burn-in :wink:), but the DS is an improvement over my previous Allo Kali via i2s to my DDDAC.


Quite possible if you get the orientation of the batteries wrong.



Latest big spend on an amp…A topping t class mini amp for pennies. Hooked it up to modest md aviano 1. Expecting thin weedy metallic bright sound… Well wrong on all counts. Rather surprised really


I will be disappoint if that is not Nobsound.


No need to be disappoint. :grin:


Ian’s old SME in a rather different environment, luckily I had a Panzerholz plinth with SME cutout collecting dust :joy:


In process of resurrecting my record deck with a new to me Trans-fi arm, which currently has a common earth for the cartridge. It was working ok with little hum but when I turned the volume up the the bass drivers started wildly deflecting due to some weird feedback loop, that continued even when reducing zero volume. it’s either my phono stage or the common earth cartridge. I have just replaced the rechargeable batteries in my phono stage as it did not seem to charge fully overnight - The new batteries are on charge. For a moment it showed promise.


So I finally got to plonk my 401 in it’s new home, which Tim @Spider made, and which I scrounged off Mike @MJ2.

Some teething probs, my clamping bolt thingies are a little short so I can’t bolt it down. When I muster up the enthusiasm I’ll dig out the right size Forstner bit to drill out the appropriate holes a bit deeper.

The deck was balancing on 2 tiny screws that secure the bakelite switch cover shown below, sort of top left-ish.

It took me ages to realise this, and it was only when I noticed the faint tell tale marks on the plinth that the penny dropped, so I drilled out a couple of shallow indents to accommodate them.

As it’s not bolted down, I’m finding it’s slightly bass light, hence the very heavy (782g) tt hat, which helps. Don’t want to subject the bearing to this too much so will try and sort it tomorrow.

Oh, and the VTA is actually a little high.