Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


And I still like the wallpaper.


I like the Perreaux. Not sure about the wallpaper.


PM sent :joy:


It’s a grand or so to build a pair of 60 Alephs, half that for a 30w Stereo version.


Through the AG horns, the Aleph (edd’s clones) with a simple valve preamp, do sound more balanced and textured in presentation (or the valve pre just has some nice distortion effects).


With the active bass, and being over 100db sensitive I’d imagine the single ended class A would have the edge.


nice the blue screen matchs the speaker :grin:


Less than expected but sadly don’t have the skills.


Don’t :smile:


I don’t charge much, a non vital organ or two.


The speakers look nice.



Great fun little amp, the 306 :+1:


Be honest now, how many hours have you been faffing with your bass?


Yours for a very reasonable £13,396. Costs more if you want grilles though.


Can you get them in a different colour for a bit more?


Grills would spoil the wonderful Star Wars design cues.


They look very similar to what Edd makes in corian.
In fact Ed’s look better


I like them.


The different colours (charcoal, red and a sort of burnt orange) are all the same price which is very nice of them.

I have in the past been very derogatory about most American speakers- I’m quite happy to say that these are staggeringly good. It’s the best little speaker I’ve ever spent any time with, that’s for sure.