Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


I should fucking hope so for that money! :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t understand it really. If you have £13k to spend on small speakers, you almost certainly have a fairly big house, so you could spend the money on big speakers.


Unless you live in that London. You could have a really expensive house that is also quite small. Perhaps it’s aimed more at these places, or study systems for the well off?


Or you are pussy whipped :rofl:


Not exclusive to London either, any massive city has pockets of crazy high price per sqm housing.


Surround speakers for the Wilson 11.1 system.


In December, I was fortunate enough to get a home demo of a Phasemation PP-300 cartridge courtesy of Hugo of Ammonite Acoustics. I loved it and decided to order a PP-500 which arrived this morning. First impressions are very good.

I’d encourage anyone interested in buying a new cartridge at these sort of price points to contact Hugo and get a loan of his PP-300. It really surprised me at how little it gave away to my Kiseki Purpleheart.


Just listening to this Goldnote Vasari. Sounds very nice. Smooth with good bass. Initial thoughts are that is worth consideration if you are in the market for an MM cart.


I’ve got one- I think it’s a very good listen. Heavy bugger though.


I find big, especially multi-way, speakers crap and just gave up in the end - they’re a great way to spend a lot of money and enjoy poor residuals. OK if you like listening to drivers one at a time. Now there’s lots to commend small boxes - like well integrated drivers, good crossovers and quiet cabs. Designers often seem to enjoy the challenge and you can get quite special smaller boxes. Having said that, not so far a fan of Wilsons and I quite like speakers made of wood rather than plastic and car paint :smiley:


Does anyone buy speakers for the residuals?




Tuff Bob.


Bob the hifi investor and resident price guide.



With added


Sorry, don’t have enough cash to just lose it so, if you know you’re going to fall out with just about any speaker sooner or later, it’s a factor… like not having to buy a crane to move big boxes


I think you might be doing it wrong :man_shrugging:


I know - and I’ve only been at it 40-odd years…


Continue to be impressed with freya , its idiosyncratic in that in tube mode it makes a slight noise with msb .but in passive jfet mode its very very transparent and very realistic. So now trying with bc dac and 2 cd players


Also trying the little velleman pre with the chord dac 64 which so far has just softened the top end as opposed to the bc dac which is very good